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For more details please see our blog post here

We'd like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who helped, by printing and distributing leaflets, campaigning on social media, crowdfunding, spreading the word to friends and neighbours, to the organisations and individuals who sent us messages of support, and of course to everyone for completing the survey!

Unfortunately the campaign is far from over, as we understand the council currently proposes to ignore the majority view ... please see the blog post for more details.

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Worth noting this is only representative of those choosing to respond to the consultation. It's not representative of everyone living in any specified area. You'd need a robust survey or census on this to tell you what the balance of opinion actually was.

Your post title is therefore misleading.

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics" 

Most every poll ever taken these days has a sample size of about a thousand give/take. That's quite a high sample ratio for the Ladder given its actual number of inhabitents.

It is true that certain polls nowadays and used to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. But I can usually see when that sort of opinion shaping is happening--certainly not here as this is a highly local issue and fortunes are not at stake.

LW have cited fairly clear results. You have challenged the conclusion to be drawn from these results: Do you have evidence to show why the statement that 61% support is misleading? Have you taken your own poll?

What is the value of a poll where the samples are not random but taken from a specific population ?

A fair poll wouldn't use self-selecting participants though. You'd want a random sample of residents, not those who were interested enough in the filtering to choose to do a survey.

I support filtering on Wightman and understand that Living Wightman is obviously going to have bias in their headlines but they should also be willing to acknowledge that.

This is misleading as only 61% of those that responded. Also why do ladder residents think that they will be the only ones affected by interfering with Whighman Road. As a disabled driver I need the traffic shared between green lanes and Whitman as it's parallel road. As we know from when Wightman closed it had a far reaching impact on lots of the other parts of Haringey.
Kyri, while I appreciate the impact on you as a driver, as a resident I have to deal with the noise and pollution 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Also, because cars are parked on the pavement on Wightman Road people with a disability have real problems using the footpath. With sticks or a walker it's incredibly difficult. You've no hope at all using a wheelchair. Yesterday I walked half the length of Wightman up to Turnpike Lane and had to walk in the road three times because the pavement was impassible, and I'm able bodied.

Not quite sure as to the relevance of that to the filtering of Wightman ROAD ?

The UK recommended minimum pavement width is 2m, Wightman Road's pavements fall below that as soon as you have pavement parking. Vehicles frequently encroach on the pavement and who can blame them since with 1000+ vehicles per hour all day on a still fairly narrow carriageway they are quite likely to get their mirrors clipped or worse. Then this happens on bin day:

(Photo (c) K Alexander's twitterfeed)

That would help Nick but you'll have noticed that some properties have a front "garden" where bin storage is a physical impossibility. It was an issue people on here raised when the introduction of wheelies was being mooted. Even when the footpath is clear the constant damage caused by pavement parking still makes them difficult to navigate in some stretches.
The emphasis on Wightman always seems to be to make it convenient for drivers but damn difficult for people.

By the same token you might say 88% of those who reside in the rest of the study area do not support filtering. 

They support filtering for the area that they live in though ;)



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