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Following a 3% Council Tax rise this year, the Council's new budget proposes a 1.99% increase, plus a 2% supplement to support the increasing cost of adult social care. 

Following a nine-year Council Tax freeze in Haringey, the proposed change will see a Band D payer contributing £116 more a year in 2020 than in 2017.

Whilst many tax payers are comfortable with the rise to fund improvements, others will receive the news of another increase in this regressive tax with a heavy heart. 

The Council has outlined its budget priorities in its budget promo material (attached) as well as on their website.

I see that they have also used this announcement to confirm that their parking IT system will be improved (I think this means its going fully digital, including visitor permits). 

As normal, Haringey are running a consultation (which they also refer to more honestly as a survey). Should you feel so moved, you can complete that online at www.snapsurveys.com.

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It might be a regressive tax but it’s a lot more regressive not to have the additional investment in services.

What does Refuse and Street Cleaning come under ?

There are no land value taxes in the UK. The present regime in Westminster has been revoted in by a 'landslide'. No party made any serious proposals dealing with changing the way in which councils and boroughs are funded along with the delivery of vital public services including but not limited to, social services.

All things considered we are getting off lightly with this 'modest' increase.

Can not find our how much the Borough receives from All Sources

As the Borough grows in users and Businesses, would be interested to see How much this Borough does             Achieve to raise

As well aware from living and working in the Borough that Population is far larger than ever

Especially with the large number of Flats being built 

Following living and Born in Borough

And working in Cleansing and Highways Enforcement for near 20 years

Well aware of most streets in the Borough

And believe that at least 60% of the Borough is paying Top rates in Rates

Which brings in a large amount of Money for Local Services

Yet all we hear is cuts in Central Funding

But property stock has grown well in last 20 years .                                                                              Plus many large Houses are now Flats and House Rooms

So would be interesting to see where All that Extra Funding has gone

As Council Reduces Local Services 

The majority of the money spent by local government was in the form of grants from central government. In the past 10 years the amount local authorities have to spend has halved in many of them. Council Tax has remained far behind what has been needed to top up that loss and at the same time demand on social care have increased. When it cost more to fund care for a looked after child for one week than I pay in council tax in an entire year you can see how desperate the situation is

I'd like to see a breakdown of "adult social care"

The current budget book shows how much is planned to be spent to the end of the 2019/20 financial year.


My opinion, which may be unpopular, is that it was irresponsible of the previous council regime not to raise council tax at the maximum they were allowed to do by central government. To not do so put them at a massive financial disadvantage and therefore directly impacted services, because whether we as council tax payers like it or not, inflation has been running above 2% for many years of the last decade and government grants were continually being cut.

I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t explain this clearly in each year’s council tax budget leaflet (unless there was another central government rule that forbade them from doing so?)

I don’t know if it is the sole reason James but certainly one reason is that council tax is regressive. The poorer you are the larger chunk of your income it takes because, unless you are at benefit levels, no account of how much you earn is taken into account. So a neighbour, on just above benefit levels, pays precisely the same amount I do

I agree with James R Grinter... They should have raised the council taxes by inflation.

It was just pure electioneering. It may be regressive but those on benefits do not pay. We needed that money to put into services.

Central cuts have left the Borough going to bare bones. We won't get anything from the new disposition - boiris is just an populist who talk through his a...

None of the parties mentioned modifying the way in which council/bororugh funding is doled out. Wandsworth & Westminster, with low council taxes, are rolling in the dosh and we have 3rd world provison - ressembles the vicioius circle of underdeveleopment type service provision in many respects.

The council can't spend any resources on enforcement of fly tipping. The sidewalks are like 30 years out of date, needing a massive renewal programme. PArks and green spaces get no money for regular upkeep - just look at Tottenham Green and compare it with Islington or Newington Greens. Planning enforcement has to make 'do or die' decisions on which 'battles' to fight and so rogue landlords get away with 'murder' because social services, quite rightly, take priority.

We are also getting quite mediocre buildings going up willy nilly throughout the east of the borough and this will only increase the long term 'damage'. No real thought has gone into proper urban planning. Tottenham Hale will be a dormitiory city in a few years....!

Haringey is in a difficult place. All the while Labour's Momentum is continuing to fight their misplaced, dogmatic, ideological battle. It is no wonder that the northern constituencies voted to ditch Labour. They just do not get it!

Haringey is in a difficult place!



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