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Council press release:

200 fraudulent Blue Badges have been seized by Haringey Council following a joint partnership between disabled residents and the council.

Last year disabled residents co-produced the Blue Badge Enforcement Policy, leading to tougher action against people who are using Blue Badges fraudulently in Haringey.

A significant investment of £1million has been made into a new system which allows civil enforcement officers to see if a Blue Badge is stolen, has been reported lost or the badge holder has deceased.

The new technology allows an instant response when a badge is being checked and as a result the council have been able to seize over 200 badges that have been stolen and taken off the streets of Haringey.

Vehicles misusing the badge are often taken away with the owner having to pay a fine and forfeiting the Blue Badge.

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Got to admire a person who knows their mobility vehicles...

Why aren’t blue badges linked to a vehicle?

JJ !
I am surprised at you.  If and when you or a family member or friend is disabled....

"The badge is for your use and benefit only. It must only be displayed if you are travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or if someone is collecting you or dropping you off and needs to park at the place where you are being collected or dropped."


If and when I become disabled I will of course turn down any offers of a carpool/lift from friends/family who are driving a brand new, gleaming, high-end SUV because - obviously - that's not the "right demographic".

Sorry, just interjecting occasionally from far off lands…

Tottenham's lost you, JJB? Ah, that's our loss.
But somewhere else's gain, of course.

And ours too. If only Haringey's powers-that-be ever learn to pay attention to the ideas and practical wisdom of far off lands.

I notice that Cllr Seema Chandwani attached her name to the "press release". (Is there very much remaining press worth releasing to?)


So it's disappointing to read that John Stevens didn't get a reply from Seema "multi times".
This was not my experience of dealing with Seems over many years, so I suggest an email to the Chief Executive requesting he look into what may be some administrative glitch.

Similarly in respect of Mr Steven's observation of "a local tyre garage near" [him having] "a blue badge that gets passed around various vehicles." It seems to me that recent changes to the system should help tackle these and other abuses. Especially since the involvement of the police is being stepped-up.

Can I suggest Mr Stevens that you give this another try and update your own information about the local tyre garage if needs be.

Just to reiterate some of the responses to the prejudices shown on this thread.

Having a disability doesn't automatically enrol you in the sensible family car club, also, the badge is issued to the person and not attributed to any vehicle.

My wife has a blue badge, her disability means over the course of a day she can probably manage 200 metres of walking then needs a whole day to regain energy. That being said, she has not let this dictate her life and enjoys the freedom to go where she pleases and enjoy the things us non disabled take for granted.

She has always been interested in cars, likes to own the sportier versions of the Motobility cars she is given every 3 years. Not just because she likes the drive, but the stiffer suspension and larger wheels make her feel less 'sea sick' when driving.

I also drive a sporty car, very large engine, I pay a lot of money in Road Fund (£600+ per annum) for the privilege. If we are in my car and want to visit a shop, a cinema, or any other normal activity we use the badge as that's exactly what it's for.

The problem with Blue Badge fraud is the system itself, but it seems they have have cottoned on to the fact the identification numbers database can be linked to the registration plate system so wardens can perform  checks.

It's shame they don't link the traffic wardens system to stolen cars too. After I had one stolen, I had 3 parking tickets, yet the police and the mass array of cameras could not trace the car at all.

So if you see a blue badge in a car that you think is inappropriate, just remember, no car is inappropriate, if the owner doesn't seem to have any disability, that's ok, he or she might be like me, and dropped the owner of the badge off near to where they want to be and is just parking the car.

Once again. Mr Stevens, I suggest you may get further if you email - including the details - to Haringey's Chief Executive whose staff will try to allocate it to the most helpful people.

My reading of the new system - at least as described online - is that a serious attempt is being made to reduce abuses of disabled parking which have indeed been identified.

I do realise that for residents this may come across as bureaucracy. But sometimes bureaucracy succeeds. I'm only guessing, but for what it's worth my guess is that the Parking Service might be keen to show that the new system is working.

"What are the Council going to do?"

Can I respectfully suggest , Mr Stevens, that a more fruitful question might be:
What are you going to do to give a senior Council officer supporting evidence you have to confirm your allegations e.g. about the tyre business; and the cafe?

My repeated suggestion has been that you report in detail the dates + specific information you had to the Chief Executive. [CE]

To be clear, I am not suggesting that the Head of Paid Service and his senior Management team are bound to solve the specific abuses you allege on the HoL  website. I have never met or had dealings with the current CE. And previous Haringey Chief Executives and senior staff I've dealt with have - in my personal opinion - varied widely in quality. But I always advise starting with high expectations. If you are not prepared to take your factual evidence to the top then plainly you will not succeed.



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