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Following a consultation last year Haringey is to introduce a 20 mph on all residential streets and in town centres (excluding main roads). 

Over 4,500 responses were received to last year's consultation and there was a clear majority in favour of a borough wide 20mph limit restricted to residential roads and roads with schools within the borough - 65% for and 35% against.

The Council have now announced their intention to introduce the new limit. Almost 50% of Haringey’'s roads are already part of 20mph zones. The new measure will affect all remaining residential streets that are not yet speed restricted as well as those in town centres. Main roads at this stage will remain as 30mph zones. See map on attached pdf for more details.

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"... like to happen?"   Purely and lightheartedly in the spirit of research, could I proffer a return to 19xx, where xx is 20 years after date of birth, and sufficiently regulation-free compared to these 'ere straitjacketed times. It's recognisably the objective of Peter Hitchens and the like.....

In a Smart by Two everything seems fast, put extractors on so it sounds really throaty like a big V8...
I saw a vintage Rover driver put the throttle on when he noticed me turn my head to admire the chrome and regent looks, it was a sad affair all round, some things are better left to memory, RIP Jay Leno.

well Michael and with due respect you are not totally independent on this topic as your council may have plans to introduce 20mph limit and as stated before "me to culture" as each council starts to adapt the same policy.

Speaking out against not collecting bins is tactical and demonstrates reaching out to the people so there is no such thing as an insider having to always support every companies mistakes. In fact it looks really good when a CEO condemms his company for doing something wrong, surely this CEO must be a wonderful fella and a supporter of the people.

Big strategic issues like 20mph limit and or eventual enforcement cameras on the other hand is a different matter all together and defying it would not be good for your career, especially if you are in a strategic position and your council may adapt it next year. All that glitters is not gold. Another question, are you in a strategic position.

There are many underhand reasons why this 20mph limit would be good for business some of which have already been mentioned. Lies and half lies are usually dressed up with some truths and yes if people did observe 20mph then fatal accidents would be reduced when collisions happen but that is not the point. Has pollution levels being monitored and tested at 30mph and then 20mph and how is the test conducted. The speed humps that increase acceleration and slowing down will not be removed therefore the evidence suggest pollution is not at the heart of the decision. What do I want to happen? Look at the data first, what are the problems, where are the problems, how severe are the problems, where are deaths occurring and for what reason. Are they trying to solve a problem or proactively preventing problems from occurring. how big is the problem that needs a fix. Once speeds cameras and fines are imposed the reasons will become more obvious.

I guess you may also support residents parking as a measure purely to help residents but we are going off topic and I am sure you also cannot be independent on this topic.

So I can't possibly have a valid opinion because I am someway acting as the mouth piece of the whole of local, and possibly national, government And if I do criticise the actions of an authority or authorities it's a smoke screen to make me seem like one of the chaps. I've obviously been living in some kind of Kafkaesque nightmare without even realising it for the past 56 years.
I thought we were going down the Orwellian route but you had to bring Kafka into it...

Back to bring serious. A colleague of mine who works in air quality says the evidence so far seems inconclusive - out of 4 diffusion tubes only one showed a reduction in pollutants (otoh I think it was NO2).

I lived and worked in a 20 zone until October last year and it worked very well. It was a culture shock moving to Haringey, where it seemed the drivers were all maniacs, and everyone's inductors broken to boot. Every week I hear about some new accident, and last week I witnessed one on a zebra crossing on West Green Road.

The council have said they do not plan to install cameras, and there are no current plans for traffic calming measures - again from memory as I put my Haringey People mag in the recycling this morning.
I'm reading this on the tiny screen on my phone so haven't read all the lengthy discussion about this. Wanted to add though that as a resident of west green road I've been told that the 20mph won't apply outside our home, despite several myself any many of my neighbours requesting it in the consultation on safety improvements to the road. I also saw the aftermath of an accident at a zebra crossing last Summer where a little boy had been hit by a car. As a driver, cyclist & mother, any scheme to slow drivers outside our home would be very welcome.

Noticed lots of signs appearing with black stickers  to obscure something - speed limit?  If so, they are all down Langham Road - and very welcome too

There's another thread on here somewhere - it's borough-wide. Apart from TFL roads I assume.

On Sirdar Road there is the same, and they are accompanied by temporary cardboard signs at street level "10 mph, skid hazard".  Some weeks ago there was a serious collision on Sirdar & Rusper roads (fast moving car failing to stop) and I just thought it was a temporary measure specifically related to this.

No, it was near West Green Baptist Church, by the Mediterranean supermarket

There are a lot of drivers round here who seem to think stopping at a zebra crossing is optional - I use the one further up by Buonissimo a lot and you should never assume someone will stop. I've not really come across that anywhere else I've lived in London.

I blame the WiFi at Costa!



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