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The 20 mph speed limit in Haringey is due to come into operation on 15 February next year.

The Council Transport Forum was recently informed that, in Islington, where a borough -wide limit has been in operation for some years -


 " Since implementation average speeds across borough have dropped from 23 to 22 mph. Average top speeds recorded have also dropped from 28 to 27 mph."

Was all the expenditure on signage and road marking money well spent ?

Can we afford it ?

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I was wondering when you were going to turn up, Philip. Here's your chance--obtain a set of engineering costings for bollards and for speed bumps, together with the relevant estimates for long-term maintenance of an obstruction regularly driven over by heavy vehicles as opposed to something actively avoided by any sort of vehicle.  Then rubbish my suggestion if the figures are so widely disparate as to be unworkable.  Oh, also factor in the reduced sound and improved air quality that would come from people driving in smooth curves instead of //fast, squeal of brakes, slow, bump, then fast again//.  Also factor in the improved air quality that would come from planting trees in the islands.  Then factor in the reduced cost to the people who live in houses next to the bumps.  Maybe we should also factor in the lower maintenance on ambulances and fewer payouts to injured crew as well as reduced sick time.  I would be interested in all of that--obviously more interested than you are, in any case.

Safety issue: I can't help but observe that a set of chicanes along a smooth road would be an irresistible challenge to the boy racers, putting us (and our cars) at great risk.

E.g. the ones who regularly race up Endymion Road with screaming exhausts - you can hear them from three Ladder roads away.

How easy it is to boy-race along a chicane would depend on the design and how steep the curve was.  Remember, pillow bumps are also easy to race through.

Whatever the curvature it's an irresistible challenge.

Racing through pillow humps? Not with boy-racer low-slung suspensions - I've watched them slow down to a crawl every 50 metres, and chuckled.  

Skip lorries and tipper lorries scoff at humps, though, and they weigh much more, hence the foundations-challenging vibrations.

Aren't pillow humps the ones with the gap in the middle?

Asphalt rather more resistant to median impact than feathers, I'd think. :-)

File under 'conventional nomenclature'.

Then stick some of those metal posts/bell shaped speed limiters in periodically- the ones that will tear your wing to pieces if you go too fast and get it wrong- like on woodlands park!!!

The tech is there for average speed checks although given the constant vandalism to the 7.5t signs around the ladder I don't expect anyone to bother deploying it. We just have to wait for insurance companies to offer REALLY cheap premiums to people who submit to a black box in their cars.

Aviva are already offering something like this using your mobile phone. No idea how effective it is though but if it results In the company shelling out less in claims I would imagine that other companies would follow.

20 mph repeater signs (taped over till next February) have now been fitted to lamp-posts on Green Lanes. There are   no   such repeaters on Wightman Road. It's already a 20 mph zone, in name at least, but it would benefit from some nagging reminders just like everywhere else is getting.

I've emailed Frontline with a question (below). If no answer is forthcoming within a couple of weeks I'll raise it with one of our elected representatives.

I saw today that 20mph repeater signs are being fitted to lamp-posts along Green Lanes, N4/N8 in preparation for the general 20mph limit from February 2016.
I regularly use the parallel Wightman Road, N4/N8, which is already subject to a 20mph limit along its considerable length.
It seems wrong that Wightman Road, which has a high proportion of cars exceeding the current limit, should not have repeater signs when Green Lanes, a chronically traffic-choked road where 20mph is rarely attainable, does have them.
Does Haringey Council plan to install repeater signs along Wightman Road, please?


And the full reply, below: 

20mph Zones have traffic calming features to ensure that the speed limit is self-enforcing hence repeater signs are not considered necessary and are not installed within 20mph Zones. This is the reason why repeater signs were not installed in Wightman Road and we will not be installing any along Wightman Road as part of the borough wide 20mph limit works. However, the council will be monitoring the speed limits in the borough post implementation of the borough wide limit and consider the introduction of additional measures where this was deemed necessary. The council will also work with Metropolitan Police who will take appropriate action where speeding problems are raised.

In addition the council will continue to promote the 20mph speed limit and will work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and the local community, focusing on educating all roads users on the importance of road safety to achieve a cultural change and safety for all.

I have taken a note of your concern about the speed limit in Wightman Road not been adhered to and we will look into it as part of the monitoring process if additional measures are required.

I trust the above be some assistance to you, please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.



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