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The 20 mph speed limit in Haringey is due to come into operation on 15 February next year.

The Council Transport Forum was recently informed that, in Islington, where a borough -wide limit has been in operation for some years -


 " Since implementation average speeds across borough have dropped from 23 to 22 mph. Average top speeds recorded have also dropped from 28 to 27 mph."

Was all the expenditure on signage and road marking money well spent ?

Can we afford it ?

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"on all the extra fumes which would come about as a consequence of longer journeys?" <- this is wrong thinking. There are two major things that affect your mileage and therefore the fumes you produce, how fast you go and how well pumped up your tyres are. You will produce less pollution if you travel slower.

What need to get your head around is the number of people who are dead or permanently maimed just because the speed limit in built up areas is wrong.

You mean you have folks hooning on the Harringay Levels? Are bricks enough???

Designing out speed on the roads is of course the most effective way to reduce accidents and fatalities. But the measures being suggested, if implemented across the borough, would no doubt be hugely expensive. In other words they are unlikely to happen borough wide. So the option is then to do nothing or to do something affordable. Perhaps a more useful way of looking at it would be to reverse the statement. Would pedestrians and road users be safer if there was NOT a 20mph speed limit?

It wouldn't be the first time.  Nazi Germany had a whole system of citizen spies as did Soviet Russia and Revolutionary France to list but two more.  Vindictive snoopers are much more enthusiastic about their work than the police, after all.

Vindictive snoopers or angry residents despairing of action from a supine Council ?

I am sure a mix of both, John.  Which, though, would be which?

No doubt the driver who has just been fined/jailed/lost his licence would call them vindictive. The parent cradling a dead child might be among the despairing.

Which one are you ?

As we all know, John, you have just used a bit of logical trickery called "the fallacy of black and white" which is dishonest enough not to warrant an answer, usually.  However -- which one am I?  I am the one who objects to ordinary people being turned into government informants.  I disagree with it on principle because of the corrosive social effects which make everyone afraid of everyone else.  It is not so much the speed-camera volunteers but once you have this precedent you will get other casual surveillance as well--all with apparently reasonable arguments pro.  It is the beginning of a slippery slope. They had this in East Germany.  In the end, through economic and social paralysis, this fear everyone had for each other probably killed more children in hidden ways than the most determined of speeders could manage round here. 

" For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing "

Simon Wiesenthal or Edmund Burke

I want one! Beats shouting abuse after every speeding motorist- its exhausting! 

Have the speed humps been put back on Raleigh Rd yet? It was quite nice last week to see the early morning tradesmen keeping themselves to about 40mph as they raced to their first cup of tea in Crouch End.



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