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Comments on 102 Warham Road an illegal conversion into a large HMO are now being invited by The Planning Inspectorate.

The case can be found here

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I have opposed this planning app.
I don't understand why this is even gone to the Planning Inspectorate, this is a non-conversion zone, the whole application is completely pointless. If thet approve this they're doing something illegal. CAN HARRINGEY COUNCILLORS PLEASE GET ON TO THIS IMMEDIATELY! WE NEED YOU!
Yes, it is one but it is illegal. They are trying to get retrospective permission
I've submitted some comments. Surely the landlord can't win this?
Haringey Council Planning Enforcement have served an Enforcement Notice against this property, on the grounds that "without planning permission the material change of use of the property into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)".  This was a four bedroom family house until converted into 8 rooms+8 en-suite, no bathroom, shared kitchen +single room configuration. The owner/ landlord  is appealing against this Enforcement Notice. If the owner/ landlord can show that that there are fewer than 6 people living in this 8 double bedroom (with 8 'en-suite') + 1 single room house, he can argue that it is not a house in multiple occupation. (The present re-incarnation of this house is as a hostel for language students.) Anyone wishing to comment on the case, on any grounds, can do so using the link above before 29th September.

There is no way he can win, it's illegaly converted, and needs to be converted back. Converting it back will lose Maqsood a lot of rent money, he's got a good little slum scam going. This is delaying tactics.


BTW, this is the same Maqsood who's got the 2 newsagents on Green Lanes. I am avoiding shopping there because of his discgusting activities as a slum landlord and the way he's treating other neighbours on Warham Road, and I really wish others would too! Vote with your wallets people, don't give him your money.

Couldn't agree more. Have boycotted both since I became aware of this.

Hi All,

Recently seen that there is a planning application to further enlarge the HMO at 102 Warham road from 6 to 10 people. http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica...

Know there was previous concern about this and we will be objecting as we think it is overdevelopment of the property and over intensive use of the site. The deadline to voice your concern is about a fortnight away and is really easy to do if you just click on the link above.

Best wishes,

Yes planning is for a rear extension and conversion of lofts to turn this licensed 6 roomed HMO into 10 double rooms all ensuite, with two large kitchens/ living rooms. Prior to the present ownership it was a 4 bedroom family house. The council  successfully took the owner to court to comply with licensing as a 6 room HMO. This present plan would overextend not only physically but in terms of the number of people.

The deadline to appeal is 11/03/22. the link is in the post above.

I'd suggest having a look at the reasons why this HMO application was turned down for an idea of what planning will and won't consider goods reasons for refusal.


Thanks Andrew. From the example you have given it appears that planning look at;-

1/ Principle of the development (eg. how much space per person, number of kitchens per person etc)

2/ Design and impact on the appearance of the area

3/The impact on the amenity of adjoining occupiers

4/ Living conditions for future occupants

5/ Parking and highway safety

which are fairly narrow reasons to raise objections as you would have thought things like noise, increased refuse, impact of so many people on the community, overloading services like GPs etc would have factored into it, particularly as 10 double rooms means the potential for 20 occupants which is a marked addition to the community in what was originally a four bedroom family home. 

Anyone wishing to appeal against this planning application can do so before 11/03/22 using this link


Maggie, It might be worth your getting in touch with Ian Sygrave, He will have chapter and verse on the issue and is probably lodging an objection himself. lcsp@blueyonder.co.uk



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