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The Friends of Ducketts Common have devised a brief online survey to find out what changes local people would like to see.

The survey closes on the 18th June and can be found at:

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There wasn't a virtual group. I usually updated people via the Parks and Green space news in the Kids Stuff Forum or via Events. The post 'Duckett's Common' has been archived since the Group it was in was deleted. If Adam, or anyone else, would like to start one...
The real group meets at the church on the corner of Allison Road, contact Adam
adam@tao.org.uk to get on the mailing list.
I think the common should have a cycle path as this part Green Lanes is so congested its almost impossible sometimes to actually cycle. The pavements are so congested with pedestrains because of the bus garage you have no choice but to cycle through the common, dodging the people, the dogs, the kids and the rubbish.

Unfortunately I cant make the meeting as it clashes with the book club but I've done the survey.
I've done the survey but completely agree with Ruth's comment about the cycle path (didn't think of this while filling in the questionnaire).



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