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This image is from a scrap book collection on ebay just now and it's a bit different from yer usual St Mary's tower images, methinks.

I'm wondering what the tree felling is about. Ground clearing for building the row of shops starting alongside Church Path, maybe?

The viewpoint doesn't seem far enough to be. e.g., clearing to build The Great Northern pub across the High Street.


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If you look at the 1869 map, the field to the west of the church (which was church land) was fronted by a strip of grass and trees bordering the high street. I think the high street was widened towards the end of the century. This is probably those trees making way for the road widening. 

Thank you, Hugh!

I don't know the date of this photo, Ken, but I just came across the following in The Seven Sisters and Finsbury Park Journal (a forerunner of the Hornsey Journal) published on April 8, 1880, and thought of your photo. I'm not sure id the work was done at this point. Perhaps it wasn't undertaken till many years later, but it seems to flag it as having been an issue It's another candidate for what we see in the photo.

Certainly a more well-rounded exposition of the circumstances, Hugh, than just a picture of some chopped trees!



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