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English organist Reginald Foort, apparently the cinema organist extraordnaire, is one of the most recorded organists in history. Not long before the Second World War he brought himself and his huge Möller organ to Harringay Arena.

So large was the organ that it took five lorries to move it around.

Named staff organist at the BBC in 1936, in 1938 Foort commissioned the Möller Organ Company to create a portable cinema organ that could be broken down and taken by truck from one engagement to the next.

While it did not prove a very practical instrument, the portable Möller did have a great sound.

After World War II, it was installed into the BBC's studios.

(Well ya learns summat life-enriching every day, eh!).

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I wasn't sure what to expect, on reading your title to this piece :-)
Just for you John:

A belated thank you!

This organ is now installed in the Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California, USA. I heard it play there in 1998, it doesn't get used much now. Jeremy B

My grandfather would have loved a go at that - FIVE manuals! He occasionally played at Alexandra Palace before the first war. 



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