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Just four doors up from where Claud Butler was to open, this shot from 1899 shows, what I imagine was Harringay's first cycling shop, nest to the building which, until recetnly was hoem to Barclays Harringay. (See tags below picture for more)

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I note the change in door nos. from 67 to 68.

What you also notice is the destruction of the decorative detailing of the shop front at what is now no 68.

Why do landlords allow it and/or businesses do it participating in the 'uglification' of our high streets and neighbourhoods?

Originally, the bank next door wasn’t included in the numbering of Grand Parade, for some reason. This was the case until the middle of the last century. Then at some point in the second half of the century that section of Grand Parade was renumbered, including the bank as number 67.

Any history on Henry M Ugena, proprietor,  Hugh ?    Also were NIM-Y-DOU brand cycles a popular make ?  Lovely shop front.



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