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Despite Finsbury park being within Harringay's boundaries, we feel quite separated from it due to the lack of entrances from Harringay. 

For over a decade I've been banging on about the need to create an entrance, or even a mini public space at the corner of Endymion Road and Green Lanes.

Imagine my surprise when I came across an article in the June 9th 1905 copy of the North London Mercury and Crouch End Observer reporting a meeting of Tottenham District Council and calling for the exact the same thing.

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I've been banging on about an entrance there for ages too - I'm the other end of the park but would love to be able to walk through the park to the shops by Homebase without having to duck onto Endymion Road and breathe in all the fumes.  Our Councillor always just says there are enough entrances.   Annoying. 

"Our Councillor" <- which one?

Sorry, I meant the one for my ward - Stroud Green. His name is Tim Gallagher. I can't remember exactly but I think he'd said he'd raised it and that was the collective view. I mentioned it on the stroudgreen.org site once and there was a mixed response.

I think the baseball crew will vociferously reject any public entrance. They get jolly upset when my son plays football there.

Even if it was closed off when the pitch was in use it'd be useful when it's not

Take a small corner of the park which they never use as a public space and, as Helen says, close off the way through the park when the baseball field is in use.

Unlike Messrs Chigwell, Malone J.P. and Green I can understand the LCC's solicitude in protecting the sacred sanctuary of the Cricket Match Ground from casual trespassers. But what possible justification can there be for allowing a foreign games pitch to impede the legitimate comings and goings of Harringay's residents, or even of the occasional Stroud Green shopper? Time for the successors of the LCC or of Tottenham District Councillors to step up to the plate, if you will excuse this foreign game's ubiquitous barbarism, and restore this entrance gate. If we do not protest over this loss of our rights-of-way through our ancestral lands, our fate will be worse than that of the Chagossians whom a Yanqui-arse-licking British government evicted half a century ago from their archipelago to allow the Yanks to turn Diego Garcia into yet another base(ball pitch).



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