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Hi historians! I was wondering if anyone had any information or insights in relation to the naming of Barrenger Road in Muswell Hill. Putting some rather spurious coincidences together, I'm wondering whether it might have been named after William George Barrenger, who was Mayor of Hornsey from 1925-1927, or maybe one of his ancestors. He lived in Harringay and worshipped at St. Paul's, Wightman Road. Barrenger isn't a very common surname and the Muswell Hill road is apparently the only one with that name in the country.

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Sounds logical, as Barrenger Road didn't exist until after the 1925 borough map was published and Wm Barrenger was mayor 1925-27. Pure guess but maybe he got a road named after him perhaps for having assisted in purchase of adjacent Coldfall Wood , completed 1930?


Also note that adjacent Everington and Steed Roads are presumably named after Wm Barrenger's two preceding mayors.


Thanks Ken, that's really helpful - certainly points in that direction.

Hi again, Bethany.  That map extract seems to show a different segment each time. Herewith link to the full map          https://mapco.net/hornsey/hornsey.htm

Click on the required rectangle, then scroll down for its detail. Scroll up again and repeat the action for another rectangle as required.  Yes I know that sounds like I'm trying to explain to a simpleton but I'm just trying to help avoid someone else initially being as baffled as this simpleton was ;-)

Ha ha, don't worry - always taken as helpful because so many of these things aren't as intuitive as they could be! Thanks for your help!

Barrenger is an unusual name but I can tell you that many, many years ago, I knew a family called Barrenger  that lived in Barrenger Road! 

Ah Bethany..........totally unrelated.   Some months ago Hugh mentioned your name to me as a possible contact for tracing relatives killed in WW1.   I read your accounts of visit but I was unable to send my enquiry through to you.  Thought maybe you had moved on or something.

But no problem if not interested, honestly.

Hi John - add me as a connection on here and let me know what you'd like to know - happy to have a look!

Have you tried asking the local council ... museum.services@haringey.gov.uk. I have found them quite helpful on local history queries. A man of that name is in the 1911 census at 8 Wollaston Road, Harringay, married, three chidren and a servant, so not on the bread line; and right part of the world


Yes, that's definitely the one we're talking about - I know that for certain from other research. I haven't tried the council yet, but will.

Try Joyce Rosser @ WERA



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