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This is the second or third time I've seen this rumour. Anyone know if there's anything to it?

"As a kid growing up in Harringay I remember there being talk of a tunnel under the railway (Kings Cross - Hornsey - Potters Bar) from Wightman Road (very close to the junction with Beresford Road) to Weston Park.

"As I recall there were council depots at either end which could have been the entrances, but at the eastern end there is/was a house with a 'underground' garage which could equally have been an entrance.

"My interest at the time was that it would have saved me a heck of a long walk to school!

"Am I dreaming / did this exist / was a local urban myth?" See also this post.

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Same here. Later, when on the old HJ I tried to find out more - the strength of the stone wall I hit suggested to me that it does exist but is either 'secret' or more likely unsafe. One informant - an ex-copper as it happens - said it was put in at the start of the war as a precaution against the bridges being hit - allowing emergency personnel to cross the lines safely. He thought it was not wide enough for vehicles.

With regards to the tower being related to the culverted Stonebridge Brook, see this post



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