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Those of who are old enough and were keen cyclists in your youth may recognise the name Claud Butler. His firm made some of the best racing bikes. Actually by my time, Claud Butler was in its second guise having been rescued from bankruptcy.

The local connection is that there was a Claud Butler shop, one of five, at 71 Grand Parade.

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It was open from 1935 till 1956/7, the year the original company went bankrupt.

Saw the title of this post and thought it was a great improvement on another betting shop opening...

Though a great name from the past, the 'brand' is still alive:
Yeah, sorry Alistair. Didn't mean to get any hopes up. Good to see that the name survives. Now to find a Nissan badged Triumph Herald.

Picture added above from a short 1942 film from the BFI film archive.

In my 1948 Post Office London Directory 71 Grand Parade is listed as 'Butler Claud (Bicycles)  Ltd Cycle mkrs.'

Us kids thought ourselves so privileged to have the famous Claud Butler (and Wally Barnes shop too) shop on our doorstep. We never passed the shop without stopping and gazing at the wonderful bikes on display in the window – so far beyond our wildest dreams. 

The Claud Butler name is worth looking up on Wikipedia.


I bought my first proper bike from Claud Butler after starting my 5 year apprenticeship as an electrical instrument-maker in Roseberry Avenue, Clerkenwell.

The bike was a rather sporty ‘Sun’ with dropped handlebars and derailleur gears, though not the fabulous and expensive ‘Campagnolio’ and with no ‘double clanger’.

It cost me seventy five weekly instalments at 6/6d (32p) a week. Though this was a struggle as an apprentice I was only earning 10/- (50p) a week - so my dear old dad chipped in.

As can be seen from the scan of my HP payment book the CB company was actually in the name of W. Hinds (Sports & Cycles) Ltd. 

(I was lucky to never have to buy anything on the ‘Never-Never’ (HP) again)


“Seems they took over a couple of the old Claud Butler shops. They were a jewelers who diversified into bikes, also started The Hammer House of Horror production company…”

Careful reading thorough this page has some interesting Harringay connections. Brooks, another cycle-frame name to get young boys drooling.


 Oh happy days!

Thanks Hugh, My word I say it does stir the memory banks.

Is it OK to put on FaceBook to show the family?

If not, not to worry.

Ta again though Hugh.


PS:Woops just seem the copyright. All ok.

Glad it stirs the memories. You're welcome to use the image as far as I'm concerned. You could, of course, just copy the url from your browser bar or use this shortened url - https://hgyol.in/3fIYIFC and paste either of those into Facebook. It'll bring up a picture of this pahe = probably just the first image. Try it.

I put the copyright watermark on the image, Roy. I'm sure if you leave that there, it will be sufficient attribution for BFI - unless you're planning to sell it to your family for thousands of pounds! 

My mum bought me a second-hand Claude Butler bike at that shop.  Must have been in 1956, pre-bankruptcy.  It had kind of straight, semi-dropped handlebars.  I loved that bike.  Thought it cost as little as 30 shillings, yet looking at the receipt above, I am not sure it could have been so cheap.

I remember that by the time I was at school, owning a Claud Butler racer got you about the same esteem as owning an e-type Jag. 

I may be wrong, but seem to remember another Claud Butler shop in Wordsworth Parade, just opposite Ducketts Common. This would have been around the late fifties - can anyone confirm this?

https://tinyurl.com/yaxvewva Streetview in modern times. Might have been where 'Reflections' is now, or close to.

See here and here

Thanks Hugh - memory not shot after all!

Strange Plovdiv has taken No.7, when clearly it should be 8! All the recessed side doorways are black and white chequered tiles too! You can see it (just) behind the two lads on the right on the old photo.



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