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I received the following email from Rob Chau of the Harringay Traders last night. Rob is the guy making the running with the plans for the forthcoming Mayor's Fund money that will be spent in Harringay.


As part of the Outer London Fund Round 1 actions, we are now going to replace the centre bridge banners even if only for a short period (Dec). This has presented us with an opportunityl. We want to put forward a message about all the OLF regeneration that is coming to Green Lanes. The idea is to design a much improved banner, until all the ads are out of commitment, and before Round 2 work starts.

Q. do you have any specific notion of what you would like to see up there?

I am meeting the graphics designers on Thurs, hopefully we can move collectively on this which needs to be confirmed before end of March!

Sorry it's short notice, GLA only gave us the green light on the funding today!

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the current aboration ???

adoration ?

aberration ?

coll-aboration ?

abortion ?

arboretum ?

arboraceous desert ?

Like KP below, keep it simple and uncluttered:  "HARRINGAY Green Lanes - Move along smartly - Nothing to gawp at here."

Agree with OAE: keep it simple.

The present abomination looks as though its been designed by a committee, with every committee member wanting their interest recorded on the banner. I wouldn't favour municipal slogans, particularly those aimed at the feeble-minded. Also, "have a nice day" and its ilk.

Whatever few words it has (I would favour simply "Harringay Green Lanes", possibly with "Harringay" in larger size) I would like to recommend one thing:

A large, plain, monochrome background.

Any municipal inter-departmental co-ordinating committee should resist the temptation to fill up the background with peripheral information!

(I predict the council will not be able to resist branding the banner with their current ghastly, distorted logo and probably with infantile messages).

I understand your cynicism, Stan, I really do, but I don't think its true that local opinion wasn't taken on board. 

Here was the original design:




Here are the results of HoL's bridge survey as it related to the name:


and here's the banner we got



I know we all wish that more of the opinion expressed in the survey and other discussions was I taken on, but some of it was. We were listend to  and I think the message is out that locals care about the bridge. The circumstances around the question and the type of banner called for this time are different.  So, what with one thing and another, if anyone has the time, in my opinion it's worth inputting this time, even if this banner will have a very short life. 

As for the cots, as far as I'm aware the mayor in his wisdom has seen fit to fund this. No dounrt part of the design will inevitably include a hat tip to his office.

This from Twitter:



@harringayonline I'm a copywriter for an ad agency and live on the ladder. Would love to help make it a good banner.

7:06am via Twitter for BlackBerry®


RichHarris74@harringayonline free of charge, of course.

7:27am, Mar 13 from Twitter for BlackBerry®

do you need any help?

I would like to see something simple and much classier than what we currently have. Whoever decided that what is up there at the moment was attractive should not be involved in the decision about the new banner! It's too cluttered at the moment. Something just saying Harringay is fine. And it should just be in English. There is no need for it to be in other languages. We live in London. We all know that there are people from many nationalities and cultures living here and we can celebrate that without it being spelt out in a patronising way.

Ditto Stan's thoughts and lose all the corporate colours and logos.

Something like -

Harringay Is Changing.

Personally I think saying that Harringay is "Changing" is like saying it's a dump right now

I'd say "Harrringay is getting even better" but, on reflection, it sounds like corporate messaging. Then I realised that any sort of regeneration messaging will sound corporate unless there's a bit if humour or at least a high degree of informality. Any thoughts?

why not just HARRINGAY or in lower case if you wish.

I'm happy to give some input, but would be interested to know what the banner is supposed to achieve or represent.

The banner that is currently on display, regardless of what's on it, is shabby as it looks like someone has slung a cheap piece of tarpaulin over an unpainted, dirty looking bridge. Why not spend the money on a nice paint job.

Otherwise the banner should go all the way across the bridge and either look like a piece of good design to cover the bridge or should say something, rather than an uninspiring 'Welcome to Green Lanes'.

Is there a brief you have been given that you could publish online so others could give proper design/verbal input? 



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