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Anyone who wants to join me and 161,000 others in signing the petition to Parliament to ban the odious Donald Trump from these shores can find a link on the BBC story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35052505

As someone who was born and raised in the States, I feel that I have the right to an opinion as to what an American is, and he ain't it.

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Now over 200,000 with parliament now having to debate banning potentially the next (hopefully not) US president

They don't make a habit of banning white male billionaire politicians - Good luck

In 1999 I watched in horror as the republicans selected George W. Bush and then the following year the American electoral system made him president. I'm laughing my head off this time.

It's a bit odd that we want to  ban someone for expressing an opinion with which we don't agree, when his offence is that he wants to ban people with whose opinions he doesn't agree.

I wouldn't mind if we ban him for having an offensive hairstyle

Dump Trump America!
If Trump were doing nothing other than expressing objectionable opinions, I would be defending in the usual way his right to say things I disagreed with. The trouble with him, however, is that he is libelling an entire people, and experience from the recent past shows that it is dangerous to permit that.


As a gesture it panders to Trump's brand of bigotry and draws even more attention to him by possibly provoking a debate in parliament. Ban him because he has odious opinions? Well, if we let Piers Morgan back in....

Don't think Mr Morgan has quite the same chance of becoming Republican candidate for president though.
The tally is now 528,904



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