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Today's planning applications list shows an application for the use of this triple shop premises as A3 (Restaurant). So it seems that what the owner told me a few weeks back may not have been the whole truth.

I'm told that the application is being submitted by an operator who is already running a restaurant elsewhere in North London.  The plans are for it to be another Turkish / Kurdish operation.

The traders I've spoken to seem split on whether another Turkish restaurant is a good thing or a bad thing. 

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I remember this shop though didn't use it as I have one nearer.

So- there used to be shop that was supposedly English run with flags. I don't have a problem with flags. We have Polish and Hungarian ones on shops down Green Lanes and a Bulgarian one- so perhaps it is not so monocultural after all :)) Ok, Green Lanes is predominantly Turkish but with some other European representatives thrown into the mix. It's multicultural then.  

On the "other European" list there is Tesco and Sainsburys as well of course.

And Iceland is a European Nation after all.

@Ruth: It wasn't his flag choice that put the kybosh on Johnny's greengrocery, more his manner and prices.

Hi All , i am Kurdish and i can 100% confirm that none of this exists anymore in green lanes, this took place years ago. If Starbucks / Costa / Macdonalds  or any big name wanted to purchase that property i'm sure they would have swept everyone off the floor. So it seems like the highest bidder has one.

Thanks, Onur. After six pages it's time someone shut them up.

I'm sure you're not obliged to read this thread, OAE!

Thanks, Onur. There seems to be a real appeal to sustaining these rumours. I appreciate your chipping in.

I don't eat Turkish food or fried chicken so I never eat out in the area. I would like to support local restaurants but there isn't anywhere to go. In the 1980s there were a lot of Italian restaurants in Wood Green which were very popular.

I think you may be right, but we would be fooling ourselves if we thought the gang feuds were not still going in in Haringey, Hackney and all points North. This blog has quite a comprehensive history of the Green Lanes extortion by The Bombacilar Bombers gang that led up to the riot and the subsequent police crackdown http://londonstreetgangs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/north-east-londons-... and ends with this: 

A renewed bout of violence began in April 2013 when Zafer Eren, alleged to be a leading figure within the Tottenham Boys, was ambushed and shot dead as he walked out of his gated home in Fontaine Court, Southgate, north London. In a related shooting, a 20-year-old man was shot in a park in South Tottenham. Tottenham MP David Lammy said “I am worried about what appears to be a serious resurgence of Turkish/Kurdish organised crime in London with the shootings in the last few weeks. This raises fears in the community of whom the vast majority are law abiding.”

I have a Turkish son in law who is a chef and agrees that every Turkish restaurant selling good nourishing Turkish food is the best way to bring crowds of eaters into the vicinity. Cheaper food and good value. He is not entirely convinced of the value of some of the local shops. I came to live in this area for the Greek and Turkish ambience but I now have had overkill and only pick up a quick meal here and go further afield for more variety.

This application was refused, but I imagine we'll see it resubmitted in some form or another.

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