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In 1935 Challen, one of Harringay's several piano manufacturers, built the largest piano in the world at their Hermitage Road factory. At 11 feet 8 inches long and weighing over one and quarter tons, the piano held its record till early this century.


Built to mark the King's 1935 Silver Jubilee, the piano was finished in silver and named the "great silver piano". It was first shown at the British Industries fair in the Jubilee year, where it was inspected by Queen Mary, and was played for her by Billy Mayerl.



The piano was acquired by Lord and Lady Montrous of Manchester and was used at a garden party for the Royal Family in 1936. However, because of its excessive weight apparently it sunk into the boggy ground and was later used as a garden.

See Billy Mayerl playing the piano here.

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Fantastic news. Having been following this thread for 11 years (!) I never thought this day would come. Where is the piano actually located now, and how can I arrange to have a go on it? Also, is that the original sign or a faithful replica?

Located near Beccles on Norfolk/Suffolk border, please do PM me on here or through the Giller Pianos web. Availability better from mid-August. The sign is a replica, a bit of fun there to have all of the kit! I know it should be 'formerly' all of these years on...

Well you've done an amazing job replicating the sign then, I wouldn't have believed it was a repro! I'll drop you a line next time I'm in the area. Many thanks and well done again.

Exactly where "near Beccles" would that be Andrew ?  I was born and grew up in Harringay and worked for a few years in Hermitage Road !   I now live over the border in Norfolk and get to Beccles area quite frequently so would be interested to know.  I have also followed this post for a few years now.

Super, we are at NR340EZ, 2m north of Beccles, glad you have followed the post and are local to me

This is great news and the result is amazing. Like Nick Hare I’d love to have a go on it if that’s possible. I’ve wanted to try it out ever since I saw a photo of it when I was about 12! Congratulations!

Many thanks, so wonderful to see the glorious silver piano back, cannot believe it. Please do PM mail to keep in touch if you are across this was - ditto with Nick reply above

Thanks very much. I’ll definitely be in touch!

If anyone is interested in hearing this piano in action, please follow this link: https://youtu.be/sN5sJ6PhzFE

Andrew Giller was kind enough to let me play and record myself on the piano. He’s done a truly amazing restoration job!

Fabulous to meet Julian and hear his amazing playing on the 'King' and of course to receive his kind comments:)). The video is the first sample of the piano, tip of the iceberg and I hope of many more to come, if not a whole disc... Julian... Wonderful that word of the piano is spreading, the fascination associated with it and of course its Harringay roots.

Great picture, Thanks Andrew. Pretty much all of this is still standing. Click the image below to visit Street View.

Excellent picture. I will come and pay my respects next time I’m in the area!



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