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Joggers are now asked not to run or jog once inside the reserve.

As a part-time birder I am relieved at this move by the Trust.  It's really hard to focus on the nature when people come clomping, huffing and puffing past when you are trying concentrate or listen out for bird song. Sometimes the joggers would force of the path too. Then when you have spotted something and someone runs part the bird sods off! 

I've been going to nature reserves most of my life and you just never see people running or hear groups of people in animated discussion, let alone yelling into mobiles. 

No doubt some folks will be put out a bit but I think this is a good move to everyone not just birders, to enjoy a few moments of piece and quiet. 

... Edited. It';s not a ban, but a polite request that people don't run or jog within the boundaries of the reserve.

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So, get some runners to step up and volunteer to be trustees or managers. Will you be one of the first ?

Good point. While there are strict rules about where you can run at Walthamstow Wetlands, they have partnered with a local running outfit to offer running events.

We can all exist in harmony.

Well, will you ?

Will who what?

Truthfully: no, I don’t want to be a Trustee of the Wildlife Trust.  I don’t want to be a police officer either.  Or a politician.  And I have a right, despite not wanting to do any of these jobs, not to be discriminated against by people who choose to do so - thank you.

Oh, you mean volunteer to be a trustee.  Well for myself I already have a full slate of voluntary commitments - volunteering for GoodGym, parkrun (when it's operational) and St Ann's Food Hub on top of a full time job and managing a chronic illness (multiple sclerosis).  Running really helps with the last, by the way.

I got stopped running there about a year ago, and  I was disappointed as such a beautiful peaceful place to run. But it also kinda made sense, let it stay that way 

Not dissimilar to 4x4 drivers objections to cyclists on "their" roads, ie - they don't pay a tax to be on the road, and they stop me from getting from A to B 10 seconds faster.  Ok slightly taking the micky, but now I've heard about the Wetlands expanded cafe area, and runners being forced to navigate this, it's starting to make sense.  I've always wanted to run up there but assumed that I couldn't, time to pay a visit especially as it's for everyone.

A few weeks have passed now & my initial annoyance at the ban has passed now.  It’s been replaced with sadness.  I run past the entrance with the Keep Out sign every day and no longer want to go there.  For me it’s unwelcoming, non-inclusive and yet another example of privileged old white guys grabbing parts of our area, slapping rules and regulations down in order to take it for their own.  I can’t be bothered fighting them and just won’t visit again.

Please keep it civil. Our house rules have always been clear about being civil. Disagree by all means, but stay polite  or your comments will be moderated.

Well perhaps you could moderate the references to " upper middle class white guys " , " privileged old white guys" which is definitely racist and not polite.

Of the 5 members of the Senior Management Team, 5 are white.

Of the 10 members of the Board of Trustees, 10 are white.

Of the 47 people in their team photo, 46 appear to be white.

I'm not sure racism is an issue in Benjamin's description of the Wetlands Trust team



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