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Anyone know what's the deal? Traffic backed up most of the way southbound to Tesco Metro on Green Lanes past copshop 

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Could be the 3 LTNs that are now in operation. Also there are road works still in Turnpike lane and at the Manor House junction (I think).

It has been awful getting round the area in the last few weeks, my daughter has been struggling to get home from school on her buses.

There’s a burst main at the junction with Lordship Lane.  I was on a bus and we just had to give up

This is fixed now and temporary traffic lights have gone....

Low Traffic Neighbourhood zonrs which are pushing more traffic on to mahor roads that are already clogged. A nightmare

There have been loads of temporary traffic lights and other roadworks in the area recently, and these are having a big impact. The ones at the Manor House station junction  have caused big queues, for example.

And even bigger queues (big enough for local radio traffic bulletins) when their power source failed on Wednesday. At one point Endymion Road was full and traffic was backing up southbound on Wightman Rd. Another example of the knock-on effect.

I got the bus down from Wood Green around four this afternoon and there’s definitely something up.  The traffic lights at the crossroads by the station were sequenced oddly.  The traffic heading northbound was solid and only a few were getting through to continue over at any one time, even though the road ahead was really clear.  There was also an articulated lorry that had seemed to think it would be a good time to block the traffic north and south as it pulled out of Buller Road (by the side of Wetherspoons) and got stuck.

I live on Station Road - between Wood Green tube and Ally Pally station - and it's been stationary traffic every day outside our house in the evenings for a couple of weeks at least now. The traffic backs all the way up over the Palace. Does anyone know if Haringey are monitoring the effect of LTNs on congestion? I'm really hoping the congestion is as a result of various road works, but suspect not!

Yes they are monitoring and Mike Hakats claims there are many monitoring points. I think it is an 18 month experiment bug we can't have this continuing. Imagine more than 3 LTNs?

Thanks. Hopefully they're monitoring both congestion AND air quality...neither report can look good! Who is Mike Hakats? 

Mike Hakata is Cabinet lead for Roads for Labour in Haringey. It is his scheme basically



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