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Wood burners "cause nearly half of urban air pollution cancer risk" - new study

No two ways about it, wood burners aren't good news for the city

Read the article here.

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More info here:https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/environment/pollution-and-air-...

Bio-ethanol stoves are an excellent, carbon-neutral alternative and are now made to look like wood burners too. They just need to sort out the plastic waste that comes with buying bio-fuel. 

Ours has now been stuffed with fire coloured fairy lights, we don’t anticipate using it any more except in emergencies  (if we get a long power cut)

It's not just domestic wood burners - we should be concerned about the restaurants burning wood in their ovens. Especially noticeable between Harringay, Green Lanes Station and Tesco Express / St Ann's Road junction. 

Yes. Commercial cooking and wood burners account for 31% of particulate pollution. Vehicles, 30%.

But we absolutely must shut down the roads so that Sophie and Giles can cycle home to laugh gayly at the Guardian's most recent Marina Hyde piece, in the warm glow of their open fireplace. It's progress.

Poor old Sophie and Giles. I know them well and they predomonate on the Ladder with their wood burners. That's why these posts don't go anywhere.



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