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Hi all,

I have some rotten sash windows that need repair or replacement. They are at the back of the property and need to be functional but aesthetics cannot be my primary consideration. I have had quotes for wooden sash repair (Acorn) and uPVC sash replacement (Oakwood) but could anybody recommend a company to supply and fit good quality non-sash windows (with just a horizontal bar - e.g. top openers?).

Please don't give me a hard time. I'd love to be able to replace the sashes with hardwood double glazed units but, in these difficult times, needs must and action is urgent.


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call a great carpenter/builder who helped with my old sash windows Nick 079 6800 5086

Hi Martin - did it work out with Nick in the end? Would be grateful for any thoughts please as have a window issue...

Hi Geraldine - just wondered what your thoughts were on Nick's work was please? Would be grateful as have window issue... Cheers, Sinbad

Even very rotten sash windows can be repaired - I have done it myself quite a few years back, including cutting out rotten wood from sills and filling. I would definately explore this route before you consider changing.

I replaced a couple of old sash windows with normal double glazed in mine using Lordship Glass. They were cheap, fast, friendly and pretty local. They did a really good job.

Wooden sash is obviously nice but it's expensive and I prefer the warmth and quietness of double glazing. Also most of the sash had already been taken out before I moved in.

Another thumbs up for Lordship Glass. Good people to deal with.

Good sash windows can be draught-free (and double glazed).

I had a similar situation, windows at the back were shot and held together by duck tape, and used this guy to repair/replace https://www.sashrepairs.co.uk/

Sashes aren't the cheapest option though and all of the quotes that I got were of a pretty similar level

Sash windows DO NOT need to be draughty. They can be repaired and using thick thermally lined curtains helps keep cooler temperatures out/in as well as external noise.

Plastic/UPVC covered metal windows are not good for our environment. They do not last as long as the well made and maintained wooden equivalent. The proof is that many of our century+ old homes still have their original hardwood windows, although they may be in a bad way through a certain amount of lack of maintenance. Even plastic will need regular maintainance if it is to maintian its integrity in the sun and weather. Have you seen the industry hthat has grown up around cleaning cheaper plastic conservatories?

People also fail to realise that unless you are running a passive house (i.e built to be 'sealed' with a built in air circulation system) our older homes need a certain amount of 'airiness' allowing them to 'breathe' and reduce the build up of stuffy and humid air leading to mould.

Also, if you run a fire or stove you also need to have a fresh air supply coming in unless you want want to succomb to carbon monoxide. A stove (fireplace) under 5kw doesn't necessarily need a separate vent! so having a ceratin amount of 'draughtiness' helps.

Finally, just look at streets where most of the period houses have their original doors and windows and those where they have been replaced by unsympathetisc ugliness. Look at the prices of the houses on those streets too! Then judge for your self.

Hi Martin,

I am replacing my double glazed uvpc back windows Later this month. 
contact me if you are interested in them.



Try Barnet Window company? Tommy was really helpful when I made enquiries about UPV windows before.




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