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Walking to and from Harringay Station recently I felt like not much has been going on with the Wightman Road calming scheme of late. I began to wonder if that's it. So I checked progress against the planned scheme (thanks Paul Jenkins for a copy of the consultation document - attached below) and it seems that there still quite a bit to do.

This morning I called project manager John McQueen who confirmed the following:

- currently doing ducting for cables for new road signs
- putting in the new traffic Island this week ( I think near the end of Warham)
- starting remainder of humps next week - taking 3 weeks to finish

- Line marking & red top surfacing elements (see plan)
- road resurfacing and setting up cycle lane on railway bridge between Wightman and Alroy.

I asked John what percentage of traffic and speed reduction they were targeting with this scheme. He said that he didn't think that any had been set but that he'd check with his manager and come back to me.

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Mmmm, not sure if I've seen much evidence of this yet. Anyone else?

Also I've just posted the latest utility work update which doesn't seem to mention anything.
I spoke to John McQueen last week and got the following updates:

1. Work didn't proceed in line with the schedule he gave me. It seems to be running a week late and he assures me that work on the remaining humps will start this week.

2. Re traffic reduction planned. I was told that they don't have a specific figure they're prepared to give out but that "previous studies" inform them that works of this kind will reduce accidents and traffic volume. When I questioned John further I was told that I would need to speak to his boss, Derek Smith (020 8489 1219). Seems strange to me that they don't seem to have much of a sense of the bang they'll get for their £100k.
Thanks for update Hugh. Still slightly worrying that they are behind and the purse strings have been tightened nation wide. I might give Derek Smith a call next week if I get the chance.
20mph and 7.5 tonne limit signs up at Alroy junction with Endymion. End of Ladder 20 mph zone signs removed from Ladder side roads. So 20mph is now applied to Alroy and Wightman and neglect of sign maintenance for weight limit is ended. If you use satnav please submit a map correction for the speed limit.
We need to get Willoughby treated similarly re: 7.5t limit signs. I had an altercation with B497BHF this morning on my way back from Town en famile. They have too many options once they come past the Queen's Head and it would be easier to police if Willoughby had similar restrictions to the rest of the ladder.

Given what I have observed of Wightman with regard to very heavy commercial traffic over the past two Fridays I really feel that this is something Jono, Glyn et al could actually make a name for themselves over. Probably not a good one given the state of the A406 and the Labour Paty's wishes.
So where will this leave Jewsons? Will they have to re-open the old BR coal sidings and bring in materials by rail? Probably a much "greener" solution than 40 tonners.
The 7.5T resrictions usually say "Except for Access "
The 7.5T resrictions usually say "Except for Access "

and the one at the bottom of Lausanne Rd does. The driver I stopped who got out of his cab to remonstrate with me knew this. He pointed at a skip further up the street and said that was the one he was going to get. I thought he was lying but didn't have enough nous to ask him for the address. I moved reluctantly out of the way and watched him sail casually up my street all the way to the end without picking up so much as a sun tan.

The "access only" bit on the sign is carte blanche for these guys to go wherever they like with very little risk of something slightly inconvenient happening. Thanks Haringey, thanks MET, thanks truckers.
The "Except for Access" modifiers to the 7.5T signage are useless as it's so easy to invoke this excuse. I have seen truckers going up restricted roads followed at some distance by a police car and when aware they are being followed, they pull in & get out with a piece of paper and head for the nearest front door. The police car invariably slows down a bit and then continues on its way - how are they to know the truck driver isn't delivering an invoice or a note for a customer? It's a joke really.
A flat-bed lorry turning into Jewson's one morning last week got into a right mess and ended up smashing the windows of a car parked opposite the Jewson's entrance on Wightman when it reversed into it. It's not a good road for large lorries to have to do that sharp a turn.
Paul's post over the way reminded me that everything's not yet finished on Wightman. So I called John McQueen again.

He told me:

1. Red & green dressing to be added to the new surface round Alroy w/c 27th Sept.
2. One speed activated speed limit sign will be installed outside the gospel centre just after Raleigh Road next week. Apparently they can no longer afford the second sign on Alroy Road.
3. They added missing weight limit signs so that the 7.5t limit is now enforceable. The Council are now about to pilot council-run rather than police-run enforcement.
4. He confirmed that all legal signage is in place for the 20MPH zone to be enforced by the police. I mentioned this post and Jono's desire that John respond. He's promised to to so and to speak with Jono.

I was under the impression that the 7.5t limits were under council enforcement already. In fact I thought I'd saved a voice mail from Jono but am now having trouble finding it. Currently it's under my enforcement.



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