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Walking to and from Harringay Station recently I felt like not much has been going on with the Wightman Road calming scheme of late. I began to wonder if that's it. So I checked progress against the planned scheme (thanks Paul Jenkins for a copy of the consultation document - attached below) and it seems that there still quite a bit to do.

This morning I called project manager John McQueen who confirmed the following:

- currently doing ducting for cables for new road signs
- putting in the new traffic Island this week ( I think near the end of Warham)
- starting remainder of humps next week - taking 3 weeks to finish

- Line marking & red top surfacing elements (see plan)
- road resurfacing and setting up cycle lane on railway bridge between Wightman and Alroy.

I asked John what percentage of traffic and speed reduction they were targeting with this scheme. He said that he didn't think that any had been set but that he'd check with his manager and come back to me.

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Isn't it speed reduction, rather than traffic reduction ?
It would be nice to get the 20mph signs up.
Not according to the objectives given at the bottom of page 1 of the document I attached, no. It's both + safety and environment improvement.
Ah OK :-)
Presumably once the signage is up there will be no need to replace the missing 20 mph sign at the West end of Hampden ? In fact, I suppose all the West-East 20 mph signs could come down as the Ladder and Wightman would be within the same 20mph zone, thereby de-cluttering.
Would it be too much to think they are intending to re-use/recycle the existing 20mph signs from the top of the ladder roads which are one-way down to Green Lanes? Just move them to Wightman, eh?

Cllr. Canver, do you know?
OOPS!! Sorry. It's the 7.5 tons sign that is missing. Age-related carelessness on my part :)
Great news about the bike lane, that section is very narrow. Let's just hope it doesn't just peter out again on the other side of the bridge ...
'Fraid it does - look at the attachment to the original post. Perhaps it's not too late for a little lobbying with new responsable du cabinet foe transport, Nilgun Canver.
Ah, I see. Will post something about this on the cyclists page and see what others think.

Could you let me have John's contact details? I think the key issue here is whether the cycle lane will be marked on the existing road (in which case it is nonsense, as the road is already very narrow and an advisory cycle lane means just that - advisory - so I don't see how it will make any difference) or whether they will use part of the pavement. Or if anyone knows the answer please say.
His contacts also on the attachment - last page I think.
Thanks for this Hugh. I'd not been able to open the consultation before, and after a post by Alison in the Cycling group here I've had a closer look.

Has anyone raised the question of why the proposed cycle lane is below minimum standards? There are a number of published guidelines for Cycle Lane widths (a nice summary HERE) which prefer 2 metres but require 1.5. Most bikes are about 1 metre wide, so by only allowing a 1M cycle lane we're builing a very dangerous road feature.
Just to say that I've spoken with John McQueen and have included an update in the other post that Adrian refers to.
I agree that the proposed cycle lane may do more harm than good. It's very important to take up a pretty central lane position on the bike going onto that bridge as motorists are tempted to overtake on the corner and often come very close to the cyclist to avoid oncoming traffic. An abrupt end to the cycle lane before/after the bridge would also surely be problematic in terms of joining the main flow of traffic again.

The remainder of the proposal looks good. Wightman forms part of my quickest cycle route to work and I am saddened daily by the impatience, aggression and recklessness of motorists who just refuse stay behind a cyclist when it is dangerous to overtake. I adopt a very safe road position, way out of the gutter, and I'm pretty swift, but this is still no deterrent to some. On several occasions I've had drivers hooting the horn behind me to get me to move out of their way, through sheer impatience. Yesterday someone executed a pretty dangerous manoeuvre at speed so he could nip in front of me before the next pedestrian island (wheel spin, swerving, partial pavement mount) - you could even argue that my taking a generally safer road position encouraged him to be yet more reckless. I'm very much looking forward to the speed bumps and raised pelicans.

Thanks for the updates, Hugh.



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