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Thanks to Ant at the Harringay Ladder Living Streets Group for the following.

After the changes to Wightman Rd, to add all the wiggly sticking out bits, there was an independent safety audit done. It's taken a some time to get hold of it, here it is attached.

In a nutshell, I think it says there are parts that are now not safe. The council have proposed some remedies, some of those are deemed not good enough.

One of the remedies is for the council to monitor reports of 'near misses' for a year to see if there really is a problem. Pretty much every time I've used Wightman on bike or driving I've had some near misses - a close pass, or having to brake to avoid oncoming traffic entering my side, so might be worth finding out what would be classified as a near miss and how to report them.

Full report attached below.

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I think Bruce Grove and St Ann's were selected partly on the basis of TFL's Strategic Neighbourhoods Analysis http://content.tfl.gov.uk/lsp-app-six-b-strategic-neighbourhoods-an...

In particular they were the two wards with the highest number of pedestrian and and cyclist casualties.

Thanks for getting hold of this.

Another thing to consider is also the amount of very old , well past safety regulations cars and vans which are circulating in Haringey, all bellowing insane amount of deadly fumes which you can smell for a long time, be stuck behind them at a traffic light and you will choke. For me to be behind one of those on my bike is the equivalent of a death sentence. There seem to be more of these offensive cars recently and that include unregulated delivery vans ; I wonder how these cars and vans passed the MOT , oh ! But I can guess there us always the cousin or the friend of a friend.
There is also the dangers of walking on the pedestrian paths, narrow and to be shared with bicycles ( nowhere else to safely cycle) and the unlawful motorised scooters ( those think that it’s their right to mow pedestrians) .
These thoughts may not be relevant to the actual topic but I do feel that regulating safety of cars is part of clean streets, you may need one car only to pollute more than 10 clean ones.



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