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Thanks to Ant at the Harringay Ladder Living Streets Group for the following.

After the changes to Wightman Rd, to add all the wiggly sticking out bits, there was an independent safety audit done. It's taken a some time to get hold of it, here it is attached.

In a nutshell, I think it says there are parts that are now not safe. The council have proposed some remedies, some of those are deemed not good enough.

One of the remedies is for the council to monitor reports of 'near misses' for a year to see if there really is a problem. Pretty much every time I've used Wightman on bike or driving I've had some near misses - a close pass, or having to brake to avoid oncoming traffic entering my side, so might be worth finding out what would be classified as a near miss and how to report them.

Full report attached below.

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Yes. I'm not sure why these types of reports focus on such a meaningless statistic. Without the distribution, the mean offers very little information.

The long tail to the right of the mean is an immediate threat to life, and the skew to the left the long term threat.

Exactly. The audit before the scheme of works was devised showed some speeds at well over 50mph but this report shows an average pre-works speed of around 20.  The whole point of getting action on Wightman was to reduce traffic AND make the remaining traffic safer.  Without a distribution of speeds how can we gauge any measure of success in that area?

Time for an FOI request I think. I'll put one in.

Well done Matt

"causes issues for cyclists who have to follow the line of the traffic out towards the opposing lane, although not witnessed during the audit "

How long did they spend on Wightman road? 12 seconds? Its impossible to cycle the length of the road without some danger presenting itself. 

Haringey's approach to cycling is absolutely pathetic. 

Agree, maybe they could have got on a bike and just gone up and down the road a couple of times? They would then know how dangerous it has become. 

Ha! But then their research is hearsay, not empirical. Silly! And it's amazing isn't it, that you could surmise that cycling is now safer on Wightman because of the lack of accidents/near misses, not that cyclists use the road less because it's unsafe and intimidating. Of course, you're confusing correlation for causation. 

And with St Anne's soon to be a LTN, we can expect more traffic, more rat-running, more speeding and more accidents on the Ladder, which we all know has historically had greater need for traffic calming/LTNs. It's insane how these LTNs are creating little fiefdoms pitting community against community. How can anyone who lives on the Ladder support the St Anne's LTN when it will almost certainly negatively impact their health and wellbeing? And vice versa Fair play to them for organising themselves and pushing this through, but we've seen that closing streets off, piecemeal, with no regard for the broader traffic picture *always* ends up punishing others. And is a terrible means to create policy for traffic in the borough. If only we had some sort of organisation, a collection of people, a "council", of sorts, you could say, who had overarching authority and introduced policies to the benefits of all residents, rather than the ones who organise better or shout the loudest? That would be incredible. We can but dream. 

You need to see how the predominantly Labour councillors are chosen for election to understand. The Gardens was gated in 2006 by an ex St Ann's councillor to get just four votes from Labour party members residing in Warwick gardens so that he could be selected to stand again. He was deselected in 2009.

The Gardens attracts more and more money because there are so few suitable spots in Haringey for LTNs because the council insist on facilitating so much through traffic. You can't spend LTN money on an area with as much traffic as the ladder.

If you didn't want to get sued you could call it good old fashioned corruption, then? But I'm stating clearly that this wasn't the case, just to be clear. Why can't you spend LTN £££ on the Ladder, John? There obviously isn't a better candidate in Haringey. We just need a council/councillors with a bit more chutzpah. A council that has made a clear commitment to lowering congestion and pollution enacting these policies. You know, backing up its empty words with actions. Saying it's impossible falls at the first hurdle. 

You can't spend LTN money on the ladder because the traffic levels there are too high. Every time the gardens get more traffic calming they become more of a magnet for TfL street calming measures. This all started with local body corruption. We should be outraged about this, the Ladder is being turned into an urban motorway.



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