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In the plans for the improvements for Wighman, there was potential places for Bikehangar marker on the map.  However, I've reached out to Cyclehoop (the company who provides them), and they currently have no requests from the council for these to be installed.  I reached out to Zena a few weeks ago about this, but I've received no reply.  According to https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/cycling it looks like the new locations for 2019/2020 are been decided by July 2019.

Does anyone have any insight on this process?, and is there much interest in these from other ladder residents?

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I think they are pretty much ideal storage, given that they're under cover, but well ventilated. Probably dust from pollution is the biggest issue, so a bike cover would be handy.

I live on Warham and would certainly be interested in joining a group to apply for one in our road. 

I think on the planning a potential position was the top of Warham (I'm at the top of Seymour so Warham would work for me too)

Hi Rich

I am really sorry for not following up on your email. Had a lot on, though I know that isn't much of an excuse!  Can you resend so I can chase. There is a waiting list for bike hangars but I have had some success so will certainly advocate for Wightman especially given the fact that there were potential places on the map. 



Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward

Hi Zena,

I've resent the email to you today, no problems with been busy.



Would anyone on Woollaston/Umfreville/Atterbury like to join forces to apply? We’d happily house the thing 

I'd definitely be up for helping get one on Woollaston or Atterbury. 

Fab. We're a two-bike household. You? Anyone else?



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