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In the plans for the improvements for Wighman, there was potential places for Bikehangar marker on the map.  However, I've reached out to Cyclehoop (the company who provides them), and they currently have no requests from the council for these to be installed.  I reached out to Zena a few weeks ago about this, but I've received no reply.  According to https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/cycling it looks like the new locations for 2019/2020 are been decided by July 2019.

Does anyone have any insight on this process?, and is there much interest in these from other ladder residents?

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I know that there are hefty waiting lists for the ones on the ladder so I imagine there is plenty of demand for them.

Haringey Cycling Campaign has some excellent advice on how to propose a location for a bikehangar here:


I and 5 neighbours got together and followed this process and got a bikehangar installed in West Green which was reserved for us. Took about a year but was definitely worth doing. The fact that we applied as a group almost certainly helped.


If you apply as a group of 6, the council will automatically undertake the formal consultation with residents.  The process may seem slow, but the uptake of cycling is an area-wide target so any sensible requests will go through.

Maybe it's time to flyer my local neighbors and see if I can find another 4

Thanks for that, I've already done all three of those points (I did it when I moved to the area 3/4 years ago, and a again a year ago), although I'm not sure I copied the local councilors in.

Was that the way you initiated the process?

Hi Rich. I did it individually first, like you. Then happened to hear on the neighbourhood grapevine that one of my neighbours was looking to get a group together to apply and it went from there. I think it also helped that we agreed a suitable location for the bikehangar on the street as well, so there were no objections in the consultation.


Great, I think flying my local neighbors to get a few more people might be the way forward.  Either that of if I have time set up a small website for people to find each other for Bike Hangers

It might also be worth CC'ing the Haringey Council Project Engineer for Sustainable Transport, Michael Demosthenous michael.demosthenous@haringey.gov.uk. He was very helpful in keeping us informed of progress. 


I think loads of people want hangar space, but they're permanently full. At £30 or £36 a year it is no wonder too. I can't imagine people letting Cyclehoop know if they're moving so those empty spots might remain full for a whole years if someone's paid up.

That's so much cheaper than in Islington, where they charge £104

I requested one on Wightman (near pemberton) in February but wasnt surprised not to hear anything back. We ended up building our own bike store, so I don't need one anymore, but I'd happily add my name to another request for a hangar if it helps get more of them installed

Do you have any experience of these? Do they keep the bikes dry? Just worried it will still get damp and rusty.



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