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Are the works current happening near Jewsons at the moment, the implementation of the results of the traffic study?

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Yes, I think they are. 

Thanks, must have missed me with the notice

Is there an up to date notice with plans for the current works? I can only find one from July 2018. That document shows the removal of all parking on the opposite of Wightman Road to where we live and only five spaces on our side (not sure how I missed that!). Currently there is space for about twenty cars - not sure how that is going to work especially if it is repeated along the length of the road.

None that I'm aware of, Karen. As to the issue with parking this was one of my concerns right from the initial announcement. I challenged them on their inaccurate parking capacity guesses when they first announced them. Subsequent resident counts showed how inaccurate they were. The rung roads in the mid-Ladder were already at close to 100% capacity a while back. I even videoed this as part of an objection to the development of a house into three flats on our road. The Traffic Department didn't listen and the Planning Department didn't listen - business as usual. An already increasingly fraught parking situation has just been made much worse.

I'm at a loss to know what else to do. Solid (I'd say incontrovertible) evidence is presented, we're backed by our councillors but our voices are just ignored.

Thanks Hugh.  My, this is going to be a challenge when it is completed. I would have minded less losing so much parking capacity if they had done what we wanted with the road and not proceeded with the current plan. I am, as you know, taking the (optimist) "lets wait and see what its like when its finished" approach!

Yup me too, but I have to admit that I'd made my mind up about the effect on parking from the start and, sadly, I think my fears will be realised.

Perhaps being unable to park is what the Council mean when they say they want to 'reduce the reliability on car use'

Our section of Wightman Road had room for about 13 cars if people parked properly. Now there's only parking for three cars.  Effiingham and Beresford are always full in the evening so if you're looking for parking late at night no chance , as we discovered last night. 

Same here, c. 15 cars now down to 3 (and 2 of those now occupied by more of the endless roadworks). Those 15 spaces were always in full use, mostly by people with legitimate reasons for car ownership (taxi drivers, large families, work vehicles). If it was making the road a nicer place for pedestrians, and safer for cyclists, then fine. But it isn't, it's just another stupid plan. It's been the tipping point for us, we're leaving next month. 

i really dont understand why they have narrowed the road and extended the pavement out, just slows down the traffic flow so much and creates traffic

It'll be on-street parking on one side only, alternating sides every 100m or so. More here. Whilst people who don't live on the Ladder and like to use our roads as a rat run may be grumpy about it, slowing the traffic flow will be seen as a benefit to most Harringay locals. 

I'm definitely in favour of slowing down the traffic and making it safer for pedestrians!

Slower traffic flow will be safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and hopefully will also affect route finding software like Google maps, making the route less popular with vehicles



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