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I was just wondering this week how the other ladder roads are being affecting by the current Wightman closure.  Are any road benefiting more than others or suffering more traffic.  It would be really interesting to know as I have always thought that Wightman Road is the key to finding a solution the traffic issue on the ladder.

The traffic situation seems much calmer on Endymion both in the morning and evening and I walked down Green Lanes this morning about 7.30am and it didn't seem any more congested than normal (before the closure of WR). I appreciate that there are still issues with the traffic on Hornsey High Street coming down to Turnpike Lane.

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Are you including Green Lanes as a "ladder road"? Because there's still very much an issue there...particularly in the evening

I was actually thinking about the rungs though I appreciate that Green Lanes is as much part of the ladder as Wightman.

The issues in my road (Umfreville) haven't changed since the day Wightman Road closed....there's hardly any car traffic but I get all the HGVS heading up to Jewsons instead...

So is that the same as before the closure?

Well no. Before the Jewsons lorries accessed their site via Wightman Road now they all have to come up Umfreville instead. So a huge reduction in car traffic but also a huge increase in HGV traffic. But more importantly for me personally are the delays to my bus journeys on Green Lanes which can take for ever

Just out of interest, do you have a speedhump outside your house?  It is possible for the lorries to quietly go over those but they don't, because they don't care. Perhaps it's time we sent another delegation to Jewsons?

Yes, you get clowns like this getting themselves in a twist by trying to take a short cut!.

and this...

95% traffic drop off - incredible. All that other traffic is cut through!

Yes indeed. A depressing thing about the top of the ladder (east/west: Westbury, Turnpike, Hornsey High St), where I think the problem is most acute, is the number of single occupancy vehicles I see holding up the busses. Now to solve this they could open up the top of the ladder again from Frobisher north, keeping the rest of it closed but why would this work? Well I think it is because the traffic lights still have timings to uselessly allow a lot of traffic onto Wightman Rd and many people heading North on Green Lanes to get to Crouch End are going behind Duckett's Common on Willoughby Rd and depriving people heading there from Westbury Ave of space on Turnpike Lane when their lights are green. Maybe fix both of those things and we could keep the closure permanent.

Stuart McNamara is no longer the cabinet member responsible but my goodness he deserves a medal for bravery and foresight. The official line pedaled by Councillors turned out to be completely true! Most of the traffic would just disappear!

I am firmly in favour of bus lanes (and of the current huge drop in traffic on Hornsey Park Road) but during the Wightman closure I would suspend the short bus lane starting at the bridge on Turnpike which comes into operation between 4pm to 7 pm Mon - Sat. That should solve a lot of the backing up into Hornsey/Church Lane by speeding up the flow of traffic turning left onto Hornsey Park Road during rush hour. Bus journeys should speed up too.

That is an interesting point, are bus lanes not TFL though?

One thing that occurred to me the other day when I did this route, I noticed a lot of traffic turning left up Hornsey park Road, ant then as we got across to Turnpike Lane after the lights, a fair amount of traffic turning left out of Alexandra Road (the first left after you join Turnpike Lane) and heading east... I did wonder if folks are taking a route left and via Alexandra Road to cut out the queue.

Not too sure who controls closing the bus lane Justin but I'd think it's something the Council/TFL could easily sort. Bus lanes get closed for roadworks all the time.

Re. your 2nd point, if they're doing that during rush hour they're fools. First you've got to get out of the Avenue onto the backed up traffic on Alexandra Road and then only a car or two gets to turn left out of Alexandra Road because of the short phasing and traffic backed up on Turnpike. It's likely just through traffic coming down Alexandra Road, least ways during rush hour.



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