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This may not be news to you but not only are Ladder roads affected and Turnpike Lane but the whole of Hornsey Park road is blocked from the junction to Mayes road and beyond. So i turned around and went through Ally Pally to get to Hornsey and the whole of High Street and Priory Road to bottom of Muswell Hill is at a standstill. God knows what rush hour will be like each day and once kids back at school.

That's my rant for the day over.

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And there's a burst water main at Finsbury Park at the Seven Sisters Rd/Stroud Green Rd junction, if people are trying a more southerly route. Never rains but it pours.....

Yesterday I was sitting in a bus for about 40 mins at this. Diversion was left onto Blackstock, right onto Rock Rd towards the Mosque and left onto Seven sisters again. I don't know why everything was moving so slowly. No sign of anybody actually working on the burst. 

The bottleneck for going east/west is the GNER bridge over Turnpike Lane. If the lights are configured properly to take into account the massive drop off in traffic turning right into Wightman Rd, then there should no difference. I don't think this has been looked at. However as Ant has pointed out the Ladder is the last place to get any traffic controls north/south so yes, expect chaos in that respect.

Yes, all TRAFFIC (apart from motorised traffic) will be zipping up and down Wightman Road in the spring sunshine feeling content. Bicycles, pedestrians, pushchairs, scooters, electric bikes, and on and on and on - will be able to ENJOY Wightman Road. Never thought I'd write those words.

Cars going around in circles up here in the Republic of North Harringay. Network Rail lads walking Wightman Rd suggested local signage will go in soon, like 'Access only' & 'No right hand turn'. As GL blocks up cars are streaming up to Wightman, only to realise .... 

The only road sign i have seen is coming from Hornsey, under railway bridge, in bus lane, where on the left (pavement) near Hornsey Park Road, it says Road Ahead Closed. Inaccurate. Too late. In wrong place. Otherwise very helpful.

Um yeah not so much of that today as I notice....walking over to Crouchie this morning the road closure blocks have been moved so that narrow ish cars can get through...

A case of 'now you see it now you don't'

On the way back i spoke to a forlorn worker from the railway who says he's moved it back several times this morning.. 


Am I correct in thinking there's no right turn on to Green Lanes at the main Turnpike Lane junction? I wasn't planning to use the car today of all days (or at all in the coming months, given how hideous this shut down is going to be) but I have a poorly kitten to collect from our vet's opposite Priory Park later... 

There   IS   a right turn from Turnpike Lane eastbound onto Green Lanes southbound, but it's not a long part of the traffic light cycle, and your main problem will be reaching it at all. 

Thanks Gordon. As long as I can make that turn to get home, I don't mind crawling along in traffic. 

The right turn form Turnpike into Wightman will only get you as far as Hampden Road, at which point Wightman is blocked. All four Ladder roads are also blocked at their junctions with Wightman. To access all Ladder roads the only option is vis Green Lanes. The the map here.

and you can't turn left in to Hampden Road as that has been blocked



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