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At yesterday's meeting, the plan for March to September was presented as a display with Council officers, Network Rail and the builders to talk to.  No elected officials from Harringay Ward were present but one was from St Ann's.

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Hmmm, so I live on Allison Rd. I will have to drive up to Wightman, back down Hewitt... at which point there is a no right turn so I can ONLY turn left going north! I think they should probably dis-apply the no right turn for the period of the works.

A very good point... I would draw this to Haringey's attention sooner rather than later. ..

I can't see any contact details in the images above - does anyone have a contact email address?

The no right turn on Hewitt is to be rescinded for the period of the works - hence the sign with a cross across it on the map.

Great - thanks and well noticed. Wasn't obvious on my phone!

As there will be no traffic turning right from Crouch End into Wightman Rd, do you think they could reconfigure the no right turn for traffic going down Turnpike Lane towards Crouch End or would that be too hard on Hornsey Park Rd residents?

There will still be traffic turning right to access Hampden Road, the Station etc. so the argument would be that the big junction remains unchanged.

At the very least they could severely reduce the phase that allow traffic to turn right into Wightman Rd from Crouch End and allow more from Turnpike Lane towards Crouch End.

I wonder how long it will be before supermarkets/shops and Amazon start to add a surcharge for delivering in the area. Two or three deliveries on the ladder could take hours.

It's going to be fun watching the Veolia rubbish trucks turning round at the blocked ends of the North Ladder roads. Or do they have special dispensation to exit at the blocked end ?

It's going to be interesting to see what comes out of the traffic monitors around the area - for example, usually if you take away road capacity you do get a reduction in car journeys - e.g. people walking or taking public transport for example. 

Yes I'll be in that category. Learning from the recent roadworks at the Sainsbury's junction. It was reduced to one lane northbound Fri 12th - Mon 15th. The northbound queue tailed back to Clissold Park Friday afternoon, 30 mins from there to Endymion Rd. Also, from Manor House tube Sat & Sun it was much quicker for me to walk home than get the bus down Green Lanes.

So yes, I'll be walking further, using the bus less and Harringay station more and using the car only for absolutely essential travel during the closure of Wightman Rd.



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