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At yesterday's meeting, the plan for March to September was presented as a display with Council officers, Network Rail and the builders to talk to.  No elected officials from Harringay Ward were present but one was from St Ann's.

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Hi Paul, was there any mention that train services on the gospel oak to barking line be affected by any of the works?

I am aware that there were questions being put about the train services but I am afraid, not being a regular user, I wasn't tuned into that conversation.  Network Rail did leave a helpline number - 03457-114141 however.

I should add that the bridge work is planned to coincide with the electrification of the line, so there will be disruption.

 This might clarify things. The electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking line is a different project to the Wightman Rd bridge replacement, although that’s not to say there aren’t any overlaps. http://www.networkrail.co.uk/gobe/

With one thing and another the line will be worked on for the next 18 months before it’s scheduled to be finished.

I hope the link works, it’s dated 01/02/16 and would appear to be the schedule of works.

The info there is that the line will be closed entirely 7 days a week from June to Sept 2016 between S Tottenham and Barking. From Sept 2016 to Feb 2017 the entire line Gospel Oak to Barking will be closed.

BGORUG has gleaned a bit more info recently and I've just posted that on our website barking-gospeloak.org.uk  Have Your Say! message board. I will post on HoL shortly.

Glenn Wallis


Barking - Gospel Oak Rail User Group

Does anyone know whether they will allow parking on Green Lanes during the closure of Wightman Road? You'd hope they try to keep the road as clear as possible esp for buses which could then use the bus lane towards Manor House.

That was asked at the first meeting - answer was the northbound side of the road isn't wide enough to fit in a bus lane and another lane for other traffic.

(The white line towards the middle of the road is actually off-centre, can be seen from a train over the railway bridge).

Thanks Gordon. Sorry when you say northbound you mean towards Homebase/Manor House? So the current bus lane (direction towards Manor House) isnt an actual bus lane?

No to your first question, I meant from the railway bridge towards St Ann's Rd.

To your second, the inner lane southbound is a bus lane but only currently Mon-Fri 0700-1000 and is CCTV monitored, marked by a solid white line. The (nearly) middle of the road has a broken line to separate the opposing traffic flow. I don't recall any suggestion to extend the bus lane hours which I guess is what you mean. Discussion was all about northbound in the evening peak hours.

PS Does anyone else find Seven Sisters Rd between Finsbury Park and Manor House disconcerting - there's no such broken line in the middle there. I know that there has beens work on removing road markings thus making road users more cautious through villages, but there??

Even if they can't fit in a bus lane I still think they should suspend parking on Green Lanes to allow more free movement...If only to stop the twats who come out of parking spaces and attempt 3 point turns...



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