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Hello. Does anyone know how long Wightnan Rd will be shut for ?  Insane traffic on Green Lanes , will need to leave much earlier to get to places by car so just wondering how long for ? 
thank you. 

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What is wrong with people . It’s dangerous with a huge hole in the road surely it will be weakened near the hole.  

Madness. So dangerous.  

Maybe they can fill it will loo rolls!

Wightman Rd 'closure'.

Thank you.  

Reopened on Thursday (12th...), but as one road reopens another closes - Stapleton Hall Road near the junction with Stroud Green Road, so W3 bus is on diversion via Crouch End until Mon 16 March. Diverting traffic is slowing up Upper Tollington Park.

Oh no ! That’s even worse , thank you Gordon . You have been great for info. Have a good weekend .



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