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I assume the residents are busily organising this. There won't be a better chance.

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I was wondering if now might be a good time to ask when the next Green Lanes Food festival is too?

Bring back the Green Lanes Food Festival. It was great and I'd love to have it back!

Hurray! Keep us posted. And do let us know if you need any help.

(Wightman Road resident)

Fantastic. And a great opportunity to put some faces to HOL names.

I like the idea of turning a section of it into a skatepark for the summer 

Excellent, count me in for all of the above.

My son says yay to the skateboarding!

I've been hesitating to raise this with all the soreness around the borough. Assuming that things improve for our neighbours it's certainly an obvious opportunity not to be missed!

It's a great idea. Should we coordinate by setting up a planning group at the Salisbury one evening?

Street party would be brilliant.  In the meantime I've added an extra couple of miles to my cycle commute home by cruising up Wightman down to Green lanes and back up on to the Ladder, looking at all the houses that have been renovated and greeting passers by/ workers manning the roadblocks.  It was a  lovely evening yesterday.  

I've sent you a connection request so you can add me to your mailing about where and when the meeting is. Thanks.

Hi there Jessica.  I am interested in helping out too.  Please get in touch.  Cheers, James 

Sounds like a plan! Which bit of Wightman Road do you live on?



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