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I can imagine wheelchair users are over the moon about this bodge job on Wightman Road.

Or kids on scooters, or me on a skateboard. Can't beleive they've just left it like this. Am I holding my breath hoping they'll come finish it?

The narrowing of the road to fit cars in better is good in theory but it's making it a pretty hellish place to drive down when people realise they can't fit 2 vans going opposite direction at the same time. It seems they chose more cars of any kind of bike lane then?

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Something simillarish was reported a while back. That was supposedly a temporary situation. Let's hope this one is too. Still, if you have the energy, it may be worth reporting it and asking the question. 

The 'lumps' that they have sticking out at the top of Lausanne road are beyond ridiculous. You're literally driving into incoming traffic on the opposite side of the road when turning left.

Oh yeah and forgetting to mention a total blind spot when a car is parked on the right hand side at the top where Lausanne meets Wightman

It's a hell of lot of accidents waiting to happen  

I think it feels the same coming out of most of the ladder roads now - really difficult to make those turns safely particularly when you are having to do hill starts.  I honestly don't see what have been improved with this improvement programme.  It's just different chaos.

I don't usually have any problem exiting ladder rungs onto Wightman, a bigger problem for me is negotiating parked cars and bins and other clutter on the pavements inbetween the rungs.

Agree with both Jessie. Especially when a high vehicle is parked on the right which seems to be the case. Completely blind coming out. 

Can't believe are not including a cycle lane or any proper cycling facility. The narrow sections seem to make it even more terrifying for cyclists. And agree, so far looks like a complete bodge job. Will be interested to see if promised trees arrive. They have completely prioritised cars it seems. Depressing. 

You're not a driver, are you Alice ? See Jessie's post above.

I am also a driver but I would like to cycle but not risk death on the madness that is Wightman. 

Good luck to you but perhaps you could explain how the new layout favours drivers. I believe the intention was to make things safer for cyclists by removing the pedestrian refuges ( thereby making things more dangerous for pedestrians )

Maybe it favours no one. I don't want to be squashed by cars attempted to squeeze through the gaps. It seems to me an opportunity for a protected cycle path was missed here.  A shame as this is a main route to central London.

Safety concerns flagged to our hard-working Councillor, Zena Brabazon.



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