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Why you should PROBABLY never ask your neighbour to go to Finsbury Park

Thanks to @joewildman for highlighting the following entry in the Urban Dictionary:

To "go to Finsbury Park" means to go all the way on a first date. It is implied that kissing, cuddling, conversation, dinner, touching, oral sex, spanking, reading and skinny-dipping are all skipped in favour of full-blown, uninhibited sex.

"How was your date last night?"

"Astonishing. I thought I might be allowed to cop a feel, but we went all the way to Finsbury Park!"



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Huh ?

What can I say. Never heard of this before, but found it rather amusing.

Never heard of the term myself.  But that park is known for its casual sex

Skip the spanking??? Over my bare botty.

You should also be cautious of suggesting a change at Baker Street to any fellow traveller...

Finally after many decades the hidden gems of Betjeman's 'The Cockney Amorist' begin to reveal themselves to me:

"Oh when my love, my darling,

You've left me here alone,

I'll walk the streets of London

Which once seemed all our own.

I will not go to Finsbury Park

The putting course to see

For these and all the other things

Were part of you and me."

Now just what did the old railway buffer mean by "the putting course to see"?                                                Suggestions, please.

Yes, there was a putting course, I can remember going with my parents and uncle! In fact I think there were two - one straightforward, and a 'crazy golf' with little ramps, bumps and spirals. Up near the running track I think.

I went to Finsbury Park with a lady.

We had a picnic

I hope your enjoyment wasn't hampered

Not only a "putting course" but a delightful model village was there for all to admire when I was a gel.

It used to be Cockfosters because that was the end of the line...? 2BPH Fins Pk makes no real sense. But it used to be a red light district in my day (50s/60s).

By the way, how do we like 24 Hours From Tulse Hill by Gene Pitney?



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