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Why doesn’t the new zebra crossing on Wightman Rd (near Mattison Rd) have working lights?

Apologies if I’ve missed a discussion about this, but does anyone know what the issue is with these lights, which were installed as part of the recent work on Wightman Road? Why don’t the lights flash, as you’d expect with a zebra crossing?

It is confusing for drivers and pedestrians, especially at night - tonight I was half way across with northbound cars having stopped but a southbound one didn’t bother. I appreciate that the issue in that particular example is also about poor driving, but flashing lights do at least clearly signal that there is a crossing coming up! 

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Thanks Alison. I feel like there must be a joke along the lines of: 'How many months does it take Haringey Council to turn on a lightbulb?'

You are so right Tom - I can’t believe I’ve not thought of that already!

The light on one side of the Endymion crossing is out too.

Are the current roadworks related to this?

Don't think so - they are 20m further up the road than the crossing

Could be a cabling issue though, could it not? They've already dug up the pavement near the crossing to no avail. I'm going to email the lighting guy at the Council again and see if he has any update on what the issue is now.

I saw a Thames water van there when the works started which made me think it was unrelated to the lights. But hopefully I’m wrong

Looks like it's related, the eastern side is now working!

And the one near Allison is working on both sides, finally!

We have double beacons flashing merrily away! Hurrah! 




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