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Why doesn’t the new zebra crossing on Wightman Rd (near Mattison Rd) have working lights?

Apologies if I’ve missed a discussion about this, but does anyone know what the issue is with these lights, which were installed as part of the recent work on Wightman Road? Why don’t the lights flash, as you’d expect with a zebra crossing?

It is confusing for drivers and pedestrians, especially at night - tonight I was half way across with northbound cars having stopped but a southbound one didn’t bother. I appreciate that the issue in that particular example is also about poor driving, but flashing lights do at least clearly signal that there is a crossing coming up! 

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I think it's just a matter of it not having been completed yet.  I don't know the anticipated timescale.

Thanks Hugh. It’s been quite a while since they were installed (several months?) and it feels unsafe. Do you know who I could contact to find out more?

Yes, it's bonkers.

The former project manager (Mahama Razak) left, I'm afraid I can't remember who the new one is. You could email Ann Cunningham and leave it for her to field it to the appropriate person. It might be worth copying Zena in too. 

As someone who sometimes drives at night I can vouch  for it being a problem particularly coming down the hill going northwards next to Pemberton Road, it is not well lit anyway and the zebra lines do not stand out enough to forewarn drivers who are not familiar with the new lay out.

I've been emailing the Council about this since the end of Sept as I cross it at least 4 times a day and I was getting more concerned about my sons and I playing chicken with the cars as the nights drew in. The answer I got (on 11 Nov) was: 

 "The zebra crossing were installed by our previous maintenance contractor and the electrical connections should have been carried out by their independent connection provider (ICP) contractor.  These works should be completed in the next few weeks, there has been in a delay in the programming of these works due to the maintenance contract  terminating at the end of September."

This thread has prompted me to email the Lighting Engineer again, I'll come back here with any response.

Well done, Donna. Please come back and tell us all what they say.

Thanks Donna, I've been meaning to email them about this for a few weeks. Cheers

Donna, have you heard anything more on this? I’ve been pushed back to the Haringey online form if I want to follow up but it would be good to have someone specific to check in with. 

He didn't reply, I'll try him again. I saw contractors there today digging up the pavement around the beacon on the northbound side of the road and considered the work could have been to do with fixing the lights, but I may have been hopelessly optimistic.

Thanks all, and especially Donna. Do keep us updated. I’ll email Ann too, as suggested - can’t do any harm...

Perhaps out local councillor, Zena, can follow up for us.  It really is extremely dangerous to cross especially in the dark. Zena?

I flagged this thread to Zena when Allison posted it. 



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