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Courtesy of the Islington Archaeology & History Society I've just found out why Highbury and Islington Station looks so nondescript.

It was opened as a grand station in 1872. After being twice hit by bombs in the war, it ended its life as a storage space before being demolished during the construction of the Victoria Line. 

Ooda thunk! Thanks IAHS.

Read more form IAHS at www.islingtonhistory.org.uk.

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Highbury corner really took a pounding what with the building opposite the roundbout getting bombed to. I wonder why they chose to target it so much ?

Obviously not ear marked as a future holiday escape for the SS, unlike black pool tower and the three piers.

The direct hit of a V1 bomb didn't help much http://www.londonremembers.com/memorials/highbury-corner-bomb

Yeah that's what I was referring too, seems the nazi's felt that holloway road deserved to be heavily bombed.

It seems they were before their time. :)

Town planners throught UK finished off what the Luftwaffe could not

He he, so true, the Luftwaffe actually less dangerous, they didn't keep attacking a man when he was down. :)

There's an old discussion thread on Flickr here which includes some accounts from people's family members who remembered the station as it was. And others whose parents and grandparents recalled the bombing.

This website has some interesting stuff.

A 1910 photo is very clear.

Thanks for those links Alan

Yes, it's fascinating stuff - also worth noting that one of the original pillars from the grand old station remains, just visible to the left of the existing cattle-shed as you walk in.

Fin Fahey took this photo in 2006. He was scathing about how the wartime V-1 bomb damage was later used - in his view  - as an excuse to demolish the remainder of the building.

I understand that the post office at Highbury corner is planned to close down soon. That building is falling apart anyway so I wonder if they will demolish it & relandscape the entrance to the station.it is a bit silly to have it hidden behind a building as it currently is.

A quick search shows various redevelopment plans for the station area and Highbury Corner going back at least a decade, though the only progress so far is a second entrance/exit within the station building.



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