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Who do you recognise in the video released by Haringey Council as part of the new logo and brand identity change?

I recognise Mat of Craving Coffee, and somebody in the McAslan show-shop on Tottenham High Road.

But struggling on many faces?

Am interested because Councillor Kober says video features residents in their own words explaining the change of identity.

I guess most are residents. But some are paid staff and a few are businesses that have benefited from council funding.

So, who do you recognise?

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I spotted Ebony from Harringay Local Store and Philip from Wilde's Cheese.

Thanks Liz.

I should have got Wildes cheese after buying plenty.

And is Ebony the one in shop just before the brewery cheers?


I recognised a Gladesmore Teacher, He is not a Haringey resident though. Everyone else looked 'artisan'.
Plenty of people. Mat from Craving, obvs. Ebony. Philip from Wildes Cheese for a start. They were shooting on a normal market day with all the usual suspects present, punters included :).

It was Nick Dwyer, marketing guy (he also does their artwork) at Beavertown, pouring beer from one of their conditioning tanks.


I found the film alienating.
Wait until you see Alienating 2
The logo already looks on the wrong side of 'edgy'. In a couple of years it will look completely dated. Alienating 2 coming to our screens in 2017?

Alienating #3.  Isn't that the prison planet version?  Where councillors are chained together in a dark cave? Not allowed to move their heads, so they can see nothing but shadows cast on the cave wall.  Shadows they believe reflect reality, but which are in fact the shapes of puppets moved around by their guards.

Out in the fresh air and sunlight it's easy to criticise these misinformed people.

Does that mean their Cynical opponents will have to live in barrels? (And before anyone complains, it was Alan who raised Greek philosophy)



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