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Saw signs on the temporary bridge this morning saying that it was going to be closed from tomorrow (Fri 19th) until the bridge works have ended.

Didn't have a chance to find out more. Gonna make my commute (by bike) a pain, as well as getting to the park.

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(I say a pain, probably only adding a couple of minutes, but precious minutes that I could be in bed! ;-) )

I know. Saw this too and had the same thought Lisa.

Does anyone know when they will complete the works? I am seriously hoping it's going to be days not weeks.

I won't be able to handle cycling on Green Lanes and Manor House for long :(

Going to try changing my route to go along the road in Finsbury park parallel to Seven Sisters rd, avoiding the big junction at Manor House. But I won't be able to avoid GL.

Is using the footbridge at Harringay station then along Stapleton Hall Road another option for you?

Hmm, possibly, although I'm adverse to adding more hills to my bike ride.

I'm less Laura Trott, and more Del Trotter 

If you're heading in to Central London then over the bridge, Stapleton Hall Rd -> Hanley Rd -> Hornsey Road and on to Holloway Road, Camden Rd or whatever is an OK route.

I gave it up as I didn't like cycling Wightman Rd but it should be ok until the bridge reopens and it reverts to cars squashing cyclists at the pinch points.

The bridge works are due to be completed by 1st September

The road bridge cannot remain blocked past 31 August, that's when the traffic management order expires. Whether it will be opened for pedestrians+cyclists before then is an open question. Certainly the most recent update on the council website identified Sat/Sun 20/21 as the last of the night-time working sessions (needed for taking away the temporary footbridge and installing pigeon spikes and parapet coping stones while no trains are running).

Interesting, thanks!

Have taken a look, and there's no final road surface, kerbstones or pavements yet, and they are still doing bits of brickwork and concreting too. Then all the worksite kit will need removing (unless they temporarily revert to the situation in March of traffic lights and single-lane working). I can't see that the bridge will be open to pedestrians and bikes next week.

Yeah, I was thinking the same as I passed this evening 

National Grid Gas are still digging holes in Wightman and they were due to be completed in July.



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