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Happy to be put straight if I'm wrong, but has David Lammy actually surfaced in his constituency since the election was called? According to his Twitter feed, he's been off canvassing in Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Battersea and his neighbouring ward of Haringey, but no mention of talking to the people who'll be voting for or against him in Tottenham. Is it because he and Labour are so confident he'll be re-elected to his seat they don't think he needs to bother and that's why he's being deployed elsewhere? I'm genuinely curious. After the massive swing to Lib Dem in Euro election, should they take it for granted?

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Hi genuinely curious: "Should they take it for granted?"

Objectively yes, given that 81.6% of the total votes cast in 2017 were for the Labour candidate [and it became the 10th 'safest' seat in the UK].  Hell freezing over comes to mind [like it or not].

How do you mean "sheep"?

Nice of you to describe Tottenham voters as "sheep". Couldn't be could it that Tottenham voters are smart enough know they have a first class MP and are happy to go on voting for him? Just a thought.

Historically the seat has been Labour since 1950 (Wikipedia is the reference).

Nowt to do with the sitting MP, whoever.

Just demographics, like most seats (which are 'safe' seats) in the country.

As the skyscrapers go up across the constituency and the regeneration gets underway, Lammy might want to consider what a more ‘upwardly mobile’ group of constituents will expect from their MP. 

Will Lemmy, or any bleeding heart “we’re victims”, MP be fit for purpose?

Or will the new demographic expect more aspirational representation in Westminster?

Will it be a safe seat in 10 years?

One things for certain, the wheels of change are in motion.

Skyscraper dwelling and upwardly mobile or not I doubt you’d choose Tottenham/Haringey if you’re attracted to the Conservative values which Boris is currently doing his best to personify.  

So it’s a rare example of Labour competence to deploy David to more marginal seats this time.

I'm curious what you mean by "neighbouring ward of Haringey"?

His constituency is called "Tottenham" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tottenham_(UK_Parliament_constituency) but it covers central and eastern Haringey, including the ward of Harringay, so if he's off canvassing in Haringey then he's actually campaigning in his riding.

[Full disclosure: I have voted for David in the past, but after having had the current government refer to my vote for him as a vote for Brexit -- e.g. in response to the "Revoke Article 50" petition that garnered over 6 million signatures, the Government responded: "British people cast their votes once again in the 2017 General Election where over 80% of those who voted, voted for parties, including the Opposition, who committed in their manifestos to upholding the result of the referendum." -- I did not vote for him this time.]

I suspect he is referring to the neighbouring constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green, where Lammy has tweeted pictures of himself campaigning.

He's not knocked on our door, and he lives in our road, so wouldn't have to walk far! I'm surprised not to have had a single door knocker (and we are in a lot at present due to ill-health) as Hornsey and Wood Green has swung between parties and is not a safe seat.  It was Conservative when we moved here with Sir Hugh Rossi, and since then has been Labour and LibDem almost alternatively.

My mistake, I did mean Hornsey and Wood Green. Blame pre-Xmas brain frazzle.

Thanks for all the replies. It's interesting to hear all sides on this matter and to see the general consensus is he doesn't need to visit Tottenham during the campaign because the votes are in the bag. I still think he should and that it's dangerous/arrogant to be complacent. I say this as a lifelong Labour supporter who is on the fence for the first time ever and would quite like to hear what he has to say about our area before I vote.

We've not had any canvassers yet from any party, I think they usually come round in the last week. David has never knocked on my door, but I will be voting for him and I don't mind him spending his time in more marginal constituencies.



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