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Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on what to do when a family of foxes move in to your garden? We have two adults, and three cubs bouncing around our garden, tearing up the joint. Obviously I don't want to harm them in anyway, but we really need to stop them coming in and using our garden as a playground (not least because it's our toddler's playground).

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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I've edited your tag. As a starter for 10, you can check suggestions made on other posts.

The RSPCA tweeted us this in response to your post.

I've just acquired the same problem (though without the toddler). The Council website led me to two links that might help:



Both sites refer to "Scoot" a deterrent powder/spray, which is available online and quite possibly from DIY stores, but I haven't yet investigated further. The aim is to discourage and move the foxes on rather than harm or kill them (which is in any case illegal). 



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