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We are considering a house on whightman but concerned about how busy and noisy it is. 

Any personal experiences?


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I was pondering the same thing a while ago and one of the things I did was graph the traffic on Wightman against a couple of other roads in the area (Hewitt Rd and Roseberry Gardens just chosen at random for the Gardens and the Ladder). For me this really brought home how much more traffic Wightman has:

Gosh that is a big difference. 

Presumably the noise and Parking problems are also much greater.

There's no getting away from the fact that Wightman does have significantly more traffic than other residential roads in the area. So, if you'd hate to live on a heavily trafficked road, that road is probably not for you. However, if your feelings are more nuanced, I know a number of people who live on the road quite happily and I hope they'll comment. 

Just to note, that's total vehicles in a week.

You sure? Isn't that daily?

Definitely weekly. It's in 15 minute bands so > 2,000 cars in 15 minutes would be a lot of traffic!

I was using it more to just compare different areas as absolute numbers of cars is quite difficult to visualise.

Quite right! Stupid question. Wasn't thinking.

Hi Andrew, how did you get this graph done? I would like to complain to the council about the amount of traffic on Pemberton road (as it's currently a bit of a rat run for st ann's and green lanes, from wightman road) and something like this would be great to compare a couple of adjacent streets with our one. It's a school street, yet it seems to be very busy all day with lorries travelling down at speed to reach green lanes and st anns. A bit dangerous for a school street, really.

Any tips on how you put this together would be great! Please PM me directly if you can.

This was from the traffic count done in January 2016. I think there has been a more recent partial count but, to the best of my knowledge, this is the most recent full one.

You can find the data here to download and use

Traffic count

I imagine you'd be looking for something like this which shows that Pemberton does seem to get more traffic than neighbouring streets (apart from Warham which there have been talks about resolving for ages).

Thank you, this is super useful! Yes, us and Warham suffer from similar problems, just the wrong way round. The problem on Pemberton is not even the amount of traffic, but the fact that we have lorries cutting through all day and going down the road at an insane speed, especially Veolia lorries. This is a school street, so it's really dangerous. Plus they make a lot of noise and vibrations when hitting the bumps...you can feel them even if the bump are 20m away. If they came down at 10-20 mph speed, it would not be a problem. I suspect that lorries going uphill (Warham for example) might be less prone to speeding, but maybe I am wrong.

Thanks - all feedback gratefully received 

Hi we moved to wightman road last year from a peaceful Crouch End road, and it is noisier vs the ladder roads but it certainly isn't a large problem. Our bedroom is the front room, and we sleep fine! the back rooms are no different to other roads and garden is peaceful. I guess depends what you are used to and want. Any particular questions, please shout



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