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Looking to return an item to Amazon just now, the option pushed at me was a Hermes drop-off.

It seems that Harringay is now in a Hermes drop-off desert.

No big deal on its own. But I wondered what it tells us about our high street.

All the areas around us offer facilities in newsagents and convenience stores. We have only one newsagent left now, I guess and no classic convenience stores.

Is our high street just less geared for 'local', or am I misconstruing?

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Or maybe people in this area don't want to use Amazon or Hermes.

Do you think?

I usually boycott Amazon, but with Royal Mail in such disarray for months I resorted to Amazon a couple of times as I knew things would be delivered.

For many it’s mainly for eBay purchases. Hermes is much cheaper for stuff over a kilo - but sadly they’re rubbish at home delivery

Packet post seems to ne working well

Has several in recent weeks

Well I think you're wrong. Yes they're this and that and whatever but if I want something now I can order and get it before 10pm or tomorrow. Amazing. 

Oddly enough I was thinking the same thing the other day when looking for a Hermes drop off point

They used to take MyHermes in 'Dave's' Newsagent, but seem to have stopped the service during lockdown. Maqsood only does Collect+ I believe. I found the co-op in Crouch End, an easy place to use for Hermes, though it's not completely local.

Thanks, Maddy. In fact, I ended up opting for a home collection. Amazon have things pretty sorted for convenience. My post wasn’t so much about finding a return option, I was just musing about our high street. There aren’t a lot of vacant shops, but the search result led me to reflect again on what fills the rest. 

Lots of 'empties' in Crouch End...

Hermes doesn't have the best reputation so it's no real loss IMO, although it's probably safer at a store being held for click and collect, as opposed to being chucked over a fence...

As more shopping goes online and then people return to non-WFH workplaces at least PT, i expect to see development of places where you can safely get stuff delivered locally, low-level PO Box. Would need to have long hours. Maybe offering other services - sending stuff, a bit of officey service? Translation/advice via google?  Sounds a lot like a post office could become, cut out the attempt to deliver to individual houses...   There was a place by Kings Cross station being a secure drop-off point but that's gone, must have not been viable.



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