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Looking to return an item to Amazon just now, the option pushed at me was a Hermes drop-off.

It seems that Harringay is now in a Hermes drop-off desert.

No big deal on its own. But I wondered what it tells us about our high street.

All the areas around us offer facilities in newsagents and convenience stores. We have only one newsagent left now, I guess and no classic convenience stores.

Is our high street just less geared for 'local', or am I misconstruing?

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There was Doddle but that went a few years ago


Not the High St but there's a drop off thing in Hornsey station, on the Hornsey side at the bottom of the stairs. 

I think these things are quite fluid with stores adding or switching to other courier companies quite often, so maybe next time you check hopefully there might be some around us

I guess it's hard to have a drop off point in a kebab shop. A shame as the new 'Post Office' is simply not fit for purpose.

I'm a guilty user of Amazon. 

So yes, I find it frustrating there isn't a Hermes drop-off in Harringay. Instead of guessing, I think someone should just ask a shop owner/operator why offering Hermes drop-off isn't interesting to them. It could be simply that it's not commercially viable for small shops with very low profit margins. At a guess, maybe the increased footfall is not converting to actual sales, but costs to the shops might be increasing to service high volume of Hermes parcels taking up valuable space in their shops, etc.  Just a shot in the dark. 

As a FYI, DPD now has a drop-off point at Homebase at the Arena shopping center. A large store/chain like Homebase offering DPD services makes cynical sense to me. The private equity owners need to find other revenue streams to avoid another bankruptcy, and they already overwork their staff. 

I sold a considerable amount of stuff on eBay last year (photograohy gear rationalisation) and having an Hermes drop off point next door made it very easy. They were also at the top of their game then. Their service has slipped again during Covid19.

I share more or less your impression, Hugh. 

What is a Hermes drop-off desert and what do those numbers signify?



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