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Hi all

Woke up this morning to find the remains of a mouse in our yard and also a lot of thick hair / fluff from another animal.

Luckily I have setup a camera in the yard to look for just these types of things.  I can clearly see a fox bring in an animal but its really hard to tell what it is.

I've added some pics, any ideas?  Rabbit, Squirrel, Rat?  Whatever it is, it's quite large, thankfully the fox took it with him.

We are based in Lausanne Road.

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Looks like a young cat or a kitten. Too large for a squirrel or a rat.

I think it might be a cat or a squirrel...quite worrying. Do you have any more pictures? Where about do you live, in case anyone is missing their beloved pet?

I updated the post with our street name.  Very worrying if it is a kitten.

One of the squirrels that live near our garden is also missing half of its tail, so presumably foxes are getting quite active. If only they could catch rats/mice! 

They do catch mice and rats.  Like i mentioned above, they did catch a mouse and last year I found quite a large rat in our yard that the foxes had caught.

I also found a giant squirrel without head once in my garden, but I am not quite sure if a fox would do that? I would have thought they were killing to eat.

I've also found a headless squirrel in the garden (where I used to live) and we did have regular visits from foxes. I can't imagine how else it might happen.

And more grey squirrels too!

Is that a young fox?  Is so, in proportion to size, it could be a rat - I’ve seen some whoppers recently including one monster on Waldeck Road a couple of weeks ago.

Hard to tell Michael, its definitely bigger than the babies that we see in the yard at the moment.  I also think it could be a rat, the one I found in our yard last year was quite large.

Foxes who have young cubs are really vicious this time of year and see cats as a danger, so will often attack, kill and eat them. That said, I think it's a squirrel, which is basically a tree rat. 

I should of taken some pics of the hair that was left behind, but on closer inspection, I think its a squirrel because the hair was quite thick and had a white and grey pattern on it.

Lets see what the camera's catch tonight!



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