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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Thanks to to lovely Stephan from the Garden Ladder for unearthing this. No probs with Tescos owning a coffee shop in them days me thinks (warning, silent movie so don't worry that your sound card has died)

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and no buggy rage. Just park 'em up and leave them outside. Great footage!

I doubt the average buggy was worth the weekly rent of a house in Crouch End back then though.

I cannot believe how long the baby was left outside whiteout so much as a backward glance. Especially outside the townhall, thats never a quick visit.Was it safer then or are we overprotective now?

Think she was far more worried about having her potatoes stolen!

It was probably the eldest child. You only got child benifit for the second and subsequent children.

Thanks for that Michael. An interesting addition to this much shorter German version I added a few years back. Lots of bits on this version that didn't make it into the German one.

Go to Pathe News and search "Harringay". Some fantastic stuff there ( which incidentally proves that even The Queen knew us as Harringay)

Cheers, haven't looked for a while, but some years back I added quite a few to our videos section. Time to look again perhaps.

That is fantastic, thanks so much. Is the fish shop the same site as Walter Purkis, or have they been around that long?!
I have a feeling she was probably the au pair. By the way vintage bugaboo's go for about 5k now.
I particularly like the way the butcher licks his fingers before he picks up a lamb chop.

Was that a real J Lyons Corner store at the beginning? (the bit where Housewife 1948 and baby come near to being wiped out by a speeding car)



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